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6-Week Pre-Sessional English Course (WMG)

Mode of study


6 weeks

Course Dates
Monday 8 August - Friday 16 September 2022

Department of Study
Warwick Foundation Studies

The 6-week Pre-Sessional English course is a full-time academic English language and study skills programme that takes place ahead of your forthcoming degree studies with Warwick Manufacturing Group. The course offers an alternative way to meet the English language conditions needed to study for your degree at the University of Warwick.

There is no formal award for these courses - successful completion of the course will allow you to meet the English language condition of your offer. Joining the Pre-Sessional English course will help you to develop further your language and study skills, allow you to feel more self-confident and better prepared when you begin your future studies - it will also give you an opportunity to meet fellow students and build friendships before your main degree starts.

Course Overview

The 6-week Pre-Sessional English Language course for Postgraduate WMG students allows you to develop the specific academic language and study skills that you will need in order to follow and engage in your future degree subject.

By the end of the programme, you should be able to:

  • Read critically, using a range of techniques to select, extract and analyse relevant information, perspectives and arguments, for the intended purpose.
  • Use general and specialised academic language as well as grammar in a controlled manner to write different text types effectively.
  • Recognise, apply and use the key features of a wide range of academic texts.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the academic culture, practices and expectations of UK Higher Education Institutions.
  • Make use of language for seminars, including agreement, disagreements, asking questions and developing arguments.
  • Listen effectively to longer spoken texts and being able to reproduce and/or respond to main arguments.

How will I be taught?

The 6-week Pre-sessional English course will be delivered face to face, on campus. Teaching will mainly be delivered via seminar groups and tutorials.

During the programme, you will receive 17 hours contact time per week and are expected to actively engage in;

  • Seminar activities and discussion forums with the class;
  • Collaboration on set tasks with a study group;
  • Independent work on assignments;
  • Regular one-to-one or small group tutorials;
  • Independent study as directed.

In addition to the scheduled seminar sessions for each module there will be online asynchronous materials via our Virtual Learning Environment (Moodle)

How will I be assessed?

There will be a range of formative and summative assessments during the course, including a Written Project and a Seminar Discussion.

More information about the grades required and progression to your main degree programme are available in our FAQs.

Module outline

The Postgraduate Pre-sessional English module is designed to help you understand and build confidence with the conventions, demands and expectations of your future discipline area. You will work in subject-specific groups, and there is a focus on the particular texts and genres that you need to cope with to engage effectively in discipline-based study. During your work on the module, you will practise the skills of searching for appropriate source materials, integrating your reading into structures of exposition, argument, and discussion, using the norms of citation for your discipline. You will also practise discussion of issues arising from your listening or reading material. This module focuses on collaborative work as a way of developing key postgraduate skills such as critical thinking.

The module aims to help you become a more independent and self-confident learner, ready to face the demands of postgraduate study. You will develop a range of language, academic and study skills, centred around the discipline of your chosen future postgraduate programme. You will develop the skills to enable you to make effective use of your reading and to present this appropriately to prospective readers. You'll learn how to take notes from a lecture or class, and to use these in your written or oral work. You will work on the development of the skills needed to speak confidently and effectively in small groups and in more formal situations, such as individual and group presentations.

Subject specific skills

  • Critical engagement with complex texts
  • Identifying and using relevant information from academic source texts to incorporate into academic assignments
  • Linguistic knowledge of academic texts: vocabulary and academic style; grammar and sentence/paragraph structure
  • The writing process: generating ideas, planning, drafting and editing
  • Reading strategies and comprehension skills: navigating texts, getting the gist, identifying key points
  • Paraphrasing, summarising and synthesising from sources
  • Follow conventions of citing and referencing
  • Conduct guided research effectively
  • Listen effectively to longer spoken texts and be able to reproduce main arguments
  • Take effective notes from spoken input
  • Use pre-, during and post-listening techniques to develop comprehension of a spoken text
  • Orally summarise key points of a spoken text
  • Be an active, reflective and critical participant in small and large group discussions
  • Use language appropriately to refer to sources, visuals and to signpost

Transferable skills

  • Note-taking
  • Library skills (e.g. finding and evaluating sources)
  • Referencing
  • Academic reflection
  • Time management
  • Self-evaluation
  • Presentation skills
  • Self-reflection
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Team working

Entry Requirements

You are eligible for the 6-week Pre-sessional English language course if:

  • Your first language is not English;
  • You have an offer to study a Postgraduate degree with Warwick Manufacturing Group for entry in 2022/23;
  • You must meet all other conditions of your main degree offer by a date to be confirmed, to be eligible to join the Pre-sessional English language course;
  • You meet the English language requirements for the 6-week Pre-Sessional English course as outlined below.

Previous Study in the medium of English

If you have studied in the UK (or other English speaking country) at Bachelors level or above for more than two academic years within the last 3 years and you plan on studying in the Warwick Manufacturing Group, you are not eligible for a place on the pre-sessional English course.

English Language Test
Requirement for 6-Week Pre-Sessional (WMG)
IELTS Academic (and IELTS for UKVI) IELTS 6.0 overall, with a maximum of two components at 5.5 and two components above 5.5
TOEFL iBT/TOEFL iBT Special Home Edition (MyBest Scores not accepted) TOEFL iBT 82 overall including Reading - 19, Listening – 19, Speaking – 22, Writing – 20
Pearson Academic (PTE) Assessed on a case-by-case basis - please contact the team
Duolingo 105 overall with Reading - 90, Listening - 90, Speaking - 90, Writing - 90
LanguageCert Not accepted

How to Apply

Applications for the Pre-sessional English course have now closed.

After you have applied

Your application for the 6-week Pre-Sessional English course will only be assessed once you have received a decision on your postgraduate degree application with WMG.

Frequently asked questions

What are the course dates?

The programme dates are as follows:

  • 6-week Programme: Monday 8 August - Friday 16 September 2022
What is the last date I can apply for the pre-sessional?

The latest dates for application are as follows:

  • 6-week Programme: Friday 24 June

You should ensure that there is sufficient time to receive a visa when submitting your application for the Pre-sessional English course. You are advised to apply as soon as possible to ensure you will be able to arrive by the course start date.

Where do I need to study the course?

You will need to be in the UK to attend the Pre-sessional English course.

I do not have an offer to study at the University of Warwick, can I still apply?

This Pre-sessional is only open to students who have a conditional offer to study at the University of Warwick in the next academic year.

You can apply for the Pre-Sessional English course before you have received a decision on your main degree course application, but your application for the Pre-Sessional will only be assessed once you have received a decision on your main degree application.

I have a conditional offer to study at Warwick, can I do the Pre-Sessional English course in order to meet my English language condition?

Yes, providing you meet the entry requirements, and successfully complete the Pre-Sessional English course, this will meet the English language condition of your offer.

I have already met the English language conditions of my main course offer, however I would still like to improve my English language skills. Can I still apply for the Pre-Sessional?

No, if you already meet the English language conditions of your postgraduate degree, then the Pre-sessional English course will not be appropriate for you.

How long is my English test valid for admissionto the Pre-sessional?

Your IELTS/TOEFL/PTE test must have been taken within the 2 years prior to the start date of the Pre-Sessional English course. We are only able to accept the most recent test certificate you provide to us.

Can I use more than one test to meet the entry requirements?

You can only meet the entry requirements if you meet the overall score, and all component scores, in a single test. We are only able to accept your most recent test.

Do I need an IELTS for UKVI to apply for this course?

This will depend on whether you require a visa to study in the UK for the Pre-Sessional English course, and whether you need a Single or Joint CAS. If you are an international student from outside of Europe, or an EU, EEA or Swiss student (but not Irish) who has not lived in the UK before and are arriving in the UK for the first time after 11pm on 31 December 2020, then you will need to make a Student visa application, if you do not already hold a visa for the UK that confers the right to study.

If you will require a Single CAS, then you will need to provide an IELTS for UKVI as part of the admissions process. If you will require a Joint CAS, then you will not need an IELTS for UKVI and can use any of the approved English Language Tests listed on our entry requirements.

More information about Single and Joint CAS is provided in the answer below.

Do I need a CAS?

If you are an international student from outside of Europe, or an EU, EEA or Swiss student (but not Irish) who has not lived in the UK before and are arriving in the UK for the first time after 11pm on 31 December 2020, then you will need to make a Student visa application, if you do not already hold a visa for the UK that confers the right to study. Students who require a visa will be issued with a CAS number (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies) after they have received an unconditional offer for the Pre-sessional English course.

If the English language requirement is the final condition for you to meet on your main Postgraduate course, you will receive a Joint CAS covering both the Pre-sessional English course and main Postgraduate course.

If you have other conditions outstanding for your Postgraduate course, for example submitting your academic transcripts, then you will be issued with a Single CAS for the Pre-sessional course. Students who require a Single CAS will need to submit an IELTS for UKVI as part of the Pre-sessional English admissions process.

Our CAS calculator will help you to determine which CAS you are likely to be eligible for.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes, you will need to pay a £1000 deposit. Details of how to pay the deposit will be confirmed in your offer email.

Will I receive an award/certificate that allows me to study at another University?

No, the Warwick Pre-Sessional English course can only be used to progress to degree courses at Warwick.

What happens at the end of the Pre-sessional and how do I progress to my main degree course?

Before you enrol, you will be advised of the grades that you will need to achieve on the Pre-sessional English course in order to progress to your main degree programme. Throughout the course you will receive regular feedback on your progress towards these grades.

If you fail to achieve the required grades for progression onto your main course of study, a recommendation will be made to withdraw you from the University, in line with the University's Regulations (Regulation Governing Student Registration, Attendance and Progress). If you are in this position, then you will be unable to progress to your main course of study and any Student visa sponsorship will be withdrawn.

However, you will be provided with the opportunity to remedy your failure after the end of the Pre-Sessional English Programme and before any possible recommendation of withdrawal is made. The way in which you remedy failure on the Pre-Sessional English programme will be determined by the Pre-Sessional Course Director and full details of re-sit and/or remedy procedures will be shared with you prior to enrolment onto the programme.

If you fail the Pre-Sessional English Programme, then you may also choose to complete an external re-sit at the end of the course, using a University approved English Language Test to meet your main course English language requirements. If you choose to do this, you will need to provide evidence of passing this English Language Test, that meets the published language requirements for your main course of study - this can then be used to withdraw a recommendation of withdrawal, provided the test scores are submitted before the latest start date of your main degree course.

Can I apply for accommodation for the Pre-Sessional English course?

Yes, you will be eligible to apply for accommodation for the duration of your Pre-Sessional English course. Pre-sessional English students will be able to book accommodation in our Sherbourne Halls of Residence. A number of accommodation packages are available to suit your requirements, depending on the duration of your course and whether you will be required to complete any quarantine period.

More details about the accommodation options and the accommodation booking process for Pre-Sessional English students are available on our Pre-Sessional English Applicant webpages.

What if I no longer want to do the Pre-Sessional English course?

You can withdraw your application through the Applicant Portal. Your offer for your main course will still stand and you will be required to take an English language test and meet the requirements of your main course.

Social and Cultural Activities

If you choose to take our Pre-sessional English course, you’ll be pleased to know that it isn’t all about studying. We provide lots of opportunities for you to socialise with your peers and meet staff in an informal environment. These events and activities also provide another great chance for you to practice your English language skills in real-life situations - many of these activities are also included in your tuition fee making the programme great value for money.

Induction and Arrival

On your first day, we’ll be hosting an induction event to help you get settled into Warwick. Induction will include sessions about your course, the support available and a guided campus tour. We’ll also host a Welcome Barbecue, hopefully the weather will be nice and this will be an outdoor informal event for you to meet peers and staff.

Social Events

We’ll be hosting an online escape room event, which has proved very popular with our students previously - you can play alone or get together in your halls of residence to play as a team.

There will also be a farewell reception with drinks, food, music and our photographer, taking place on the final Friday of the course to celebrate the completion of the programme.

Wellbeing Wednesdays

Our fantastic Wellbeing Support Team are always around to help students get the most from their time with us. They will be offering some short lunch time sessions focussed on topics which will support you during the programme, including lots of useful skills and tips for managing stress, assessment preparation and the transition to university.

Guest Lectures

We’ll be running a guest lecture series as part of your teaching experience. This is a chance to hear from eminent Warwick Faculty on their area of subject expertise and will be a good way to experience how lectures are delivered at a UK university before your main degrees start.

Day Trips

Day trips will be advertised in advance of your arrival and you’ll have a chance to sign up on a first-come-first-served basis. You will need to pay for the trips but we try to keep the costs as low as possible. Coach travel is included. Trips include:

  • Stratford-upon-Avon
  • Oxford
  • London
  • Blenheim Palace and Bicester Village
  • Alton Towers Theme Park
Other opportunities

The Warwick campus provides lots of opportunities for other social activities - you can visit Warwick Arts Centre for theatre and cinema, or the Sports and Wellness Hub for the gym, swimming, exercise classes and more (charges apply for some of these activities). You can also enjoy some of our Campus Walks or check out our ‘Warwick Presents’ entertainment.


You will receive lots of support during your Pre-sessional English course. As well as the dedicated academic team and your personal tutor, you will also have support from our Professional Services Team. There is a dedicated Pre-sessional reception from Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm and there will be additional drop-ins provided during the first weeks.

We also have a team of Student Support Coordinators on hand to help you settle into Warwick and make the most of your time here. They will organise kitchen meetings, send you regular communications and organise additional social activities and events. These Support Coordinators are Warwick students, so they know the University and campus really well and will be able to give you the benefit of their first-hand experience.

Contact Us

Please use the Enquiry Form below to contact the Pre-Sessional English team. We will aim to respond to you within 5-7 working days.

If you have not done so already, please ensure you have consulted our FAQs before you submit an enquiry, as you may find the answer to your question here.

Please let us know which department you are applying or have applied to for your main degree course at Warwick. This information will help ensure we can provide you with an accurate response.

Privacy notice

The data on this form will be used to send you the information you have requested. We will store the fact that you have requested the information and your contact details to receive the information, but we will not send you any information beyond that which you have requested, nor will we use the data for any other purpose.

The University of Warwick is the Data Controller of any information you have entered on this form and is committed to protecting the rights of individuals in line with Data Protection Legislation. The University's Data Protection webpages provide further information on your rights and how the University processes personal data. Please submit any data subject rights requests to or address any complaints or suspected breaches to the University's Data Protection Officer at