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Course Details

This section is where you tell us about the course for which you wish to apply.

A list of Postgraduate courses offered by the University of Warwick is available on the Postgraduate Study website.

The Postgraduate Admissions Policy is also available.

Before you begin

If you are unsure of the course for which you would like to apply, please visit the Postgraduate Study website to find the relevant information.

Provisional courses

If a course listed on the on-line application system has a '(in principle)' designation after the course name then this course has not yet been fully approved.

What does this mean for me?
A provisional course is a new course designed by the relevant department and approved in principle by the University governing body. This means that the department can start accepting applications for consideration but they cannot yet make any offers. This situation may lead to a delay in receiving a decision on your application. Offers will be sent once the course is fully approved.

What happens if the course is not approved?

If the course you have applied for is not approved then you will receive an email to explain this situation. This email may suggest possible alternative courses in which you may be interested. If you do not wish to be considered for an alternative course, the Postgraduate Admissions Service will refund your application fee (if applicable).

Locate your course

Select the relevant options from the drop-down menus.

Mode of study/ Mode of attendance

On the Course Selection screen you are able to select from all available Postgraduate courses, both Taught and Research. The courses listed are only displayed according to their main mode of study (either Full-Time or Part-Time) and main programme route (e.g. Taught Masters, Diploma, Certificate).

Applicants requiring a student visa should be aware that they will not be eligible for this visa if they do not study full time. We advise overseas students to contact Warwick Immigration Service (, on e-mail: immigrationservice at warwick dot ac dot uk or Telephone: (+44) 24 765 23706, in order to discuss whether it would be possible for you to enrol for a part-time course of study in the UK.

In some cases the chosen course may be available in other modes or programme routes which cannot be listed on the form. If you wish to apply for a variant of a course that is not listed on the form please apply for the displayed course and email to request your application is amended to the course variant you require. Please contact stating your application receipt number (which will be generated when you submit your application) and family name. We will then amend your application for our records if we are able to consider your request for a mode of study other than that displayed on the Course Selection screen.

Please note the following courses have a slightly different application procedures:

  • Applicants for the Warwick MBA programme should see the How to Apply pages on the Warwick Business School website.
  • Applicants to the MA in Social Work and MBChB should be made through UCAS.
  • Applicants for PGCE programmes should apply through UCAS Teacher Training. Find out more about applying and funding on the PGCE course listing. For more information on Initial Teacher Training, please contact the Teaching Agency.

Start Date
After selecting a course, you will be asked for your chosen start date.

NOTE: If the next academic year is not available to select then the course is either not running in that year, or the course is full and therefore closed to new applications.

FOR APPLICATIONS TO RESEARCH COURSES: If you plan to start your course at a time other than the start of the academic year please give a proposed month of admission.

PLEASE NOTE: If you wish to apply for a taught course that has a start date before September 2018 then you shoud select 2017/2018 as your desired start year, and then email to inform us that you wish to start before the 18/19 academic cycle.

PLEASE NOTE: If you wish to apply for more than one course, you should complete an application form for each course. You will not be required to re-enter all your personal details as majority of the relevant data will have been stored from your first application.


For further details on all available Postgraduate courses please visit the Postgraduate Study page.