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Student Ambassadors Profiles

We have a wonderful team of ambassadors supporting students on the Pre-University Summer School programme this July. They are all current University of Warwick students and are therefore best placed to share the inside knowledge of studying at Warwick as well as the best places to explore on campus!

Get to know each of the ambassadors below before you join the programme!


Profile picture of Ben

My name is Ben and I am currently a second year undergraduate at the University of Warwick studying Economics. Alongside uni, I have spent time as a tutor/mentor and I work for a charity during the holidays. In my spare time, I like playing football and in the future, I would like to get back into gym and calisthenics as well as give boxing a try.


Profile image of Taylor

Hi All! I’m Taylor and I’ve just finished my degree at Warwick. I studied Law, which was really interesting, but even better was I managed to study for a year in Budapest, Hungary! I really enjoy hanging out with friends, reading, playing computer games and singing (much to my friend’s annoyance). I’m excited to meet everyone; 10 days of activities, sport, and of course learning. Also side note: my mum got a new dog recently who is the absolute cutest! So be prepared to show me pictures of any of your pets, I love them! Enjoy the beginning of your summer holidays, and I hope you’re as excited as I am!


Profile picture of Alice

Hey! I’m Alice, I’m a fourth-year Liberal Arts student, and I’ll be one of the PRESS Student Ambassadors for this year. On an average day you might find me trying to explain what exactly Liberal Arts is, writing for the University Newspaper, or doing some kind of craft project. In 2021, I completed my Study Abroad year (online - thanks Covid) at Concordia University in Montreal. I’m looking forward to after graduation when I will be heading to Canada, in person finally, on a Working Holiday Visa. I have loved my time at Warwick and I am really excited to help out as you get a taste of everything university life has to offer.


Profile image of Amal

Hi guys, I'm Amal! I'm in my final year studying Politics and Sociology. I grew up in London and I enjoy reading and playing netball. My time at Warwick has been the best three years of my life, and I hope you enjoy your visit too!


Profile image of David

My name is David and I am a first year economics student. I enjoy playing and watching football, and also training in the gym. I lived in Hong Kong for a year before coming to university, so I know what it feels like to settle into a new country. I hope to share my experiences with anybody who is concerned about settling in, and I look forward to meeting you in July.


Profile image of Eva

Hi! My name is Eva and I am in my 4th year of studying BSc International Management with Marketing at University of Warwick. I'm from Finland and moved to the UK to study here. As my studies at Warwick are coming to an end this summer, I look forward to sharing my experiences from the past 4 years during PRESS and enjoying the activities on our sunny campus in July.


Profile image of Hassan

Hey everyone! my name is Hassan, and I am a fourth-year master's student studying Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering. This is my second time as ambassador on the PRESS programme because I thoroughly enjoyed my experience the first-time round. It was delightful to see many of the students gaining new skills, knowledge, and confidence throughout the school, and becoming increasingly inspired at the prospect of studying at University. I completed a year abroad in France last year which was an invaluable experience where I got to immerse myself in the French culture whilst meeting some incredible people from around the world. Although I study Engineering, I will be working in Finance once I graduate, so will be happy to try and answer any of your questions related to career choices! In my spare time I love to play all types of sports including Weightlifting, Football, Pool, and Table Tennis. Despite being told this isn't CV worthy, my proudest achievement to date is having a McDonald's in five different countries in a single day haha. Looking forward to meeting you all and hope you are excited for what will be a fantastic and insightful programme ahead!


Profile image of Debbie

My name is Debbie and I am a final year law student. I grew up in London with my parents and three siblings and moved to Coventry for university. I really enjoyed my three years at Warwick university and look forward to sharing my experiences and giving advice to anyone considering university in the UK!