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A Taste of Economics and Finance | Short course at the Pre-University Summer School at Warwick University

A Taste of Economics
and Finance

Our Taste of Economics and Finance course will introduce you to exciting concepts in these disciplines, opening your mind to new ideas and will reflect the highest standards of Warwick learning.

Key Information

Dates: 16 - 26 July 2024 

Fees: £4250

Teaching: 24 hours contact time

Certificate: University of Warwick Certificate of Attendance at the end of the programme

We will cover a number of exciting and important topics that lie at the heart of economics and finance. In particular, you will be introduced to some of the key concepts and tools of game theory and behavioural economics.

These lie at the very core of economics - subjects that determine individual choice and collective choice, and in turn impact on the fundamental problem of economics, which is all about problems involving the allocation of scarce resources.

We will also introduce some of the burning issues concerning the world of money and banking, including some core ideas of finance and stock markets.

The political and social contexts matter for economic outcomes and we will touch on how and why that is so.

This course will show you how to think like an economist, and provide a perspective about the way economics is taught at the University level.