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Student Profiles & Testimonials | Pre-University Summer School

Student Testimonials

Our Pre-University Summer School has been running since 2018, and during that time more than 98% of our students have said they would recommend the programme.

Find out more about what our students think in our video and written testimonials, as well as hearing from some of the staff who teach and manage the programme.

Haneen Farid, India

I miss the programme very much. What I liked about the programme the most is the environment which students are surrounded with. I had never come across such a diverse group and it was a pleasure getting to know so many different people. The campus was spectacular and the Warwick staff were very polite and inclusive. Moreover, the quality of the lectures was excellent. Honestly speaking, after the programme I realised how much of an interest I have in Economics and now I'm even planning to become an Economist. Thank you for making it such a memorable experience for me.

Tudor Popovici, Romania

My time at Warwick Pre-University Summer School was an experience I will never forget. This event was very enjoyable and useful in order to have a clear perspective for my future plans and university life, which was one of my main aims when I had applied for the Summer School. The multicultural community that I met at Warwick helped me feel like home and motivated me to make long-term friendships with teenagers who share the same passions as I do. Overall, the Summer School had all I wanted: high-quality academic content and facilities, friendly people to talk to after the course ended and orientation programmes for prospective Warwick students. Don’t miss the opportunity to apply!

Chaney Lau, Hong Kong

I was undecided on what courses I wanted to study and afraid of being unfamiliar with university life. But this all changed after the Warwick Summer School. Choosing the Taste of Social Sciences course, I was exposed to different subjects and I was beyond satisfied with the lessons. Having the opportunity to learn from brilliant professors I was able to put myself in the shoes of a university student and also having the chance to stay in one of the halls designed for students, I got first-hand experience of living at the University of Warwick. My experience at the Warwick summer school was unbelievable, it was a mixture of academic study and exploring the UK. The diversity of the programme was outstanding and so were our ambassadors. I am glad and thankful that I decided to spend my summer in Warwick.

Sanat Daga, Thailand

To be a part of Warwick’s inaugural summer programme for Pre-University students was an opportunity I simply could not have missed. To start with, being around students from very different backgrounds who had the same academic interests as mine was a great feeling, especially because it gave me the chance to be part of discussions where I learnt to look at things from different perspectives. Also, having such enthusiastic professors teach us made concepts of game theory, along with group activities, enjoyable! Furthermore, special lectures on subjects such as Democracy made me enjoy topics I didn’t realize I was interested in. Time spent outside class was just as fun, thanks to the Student Ambassadors who were there for us throughout the 10 day program. To summarize it all, this course was exciting from start to finish - I couldn’t have asked for a better experience!