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Strategic Management | Short course at the Summer School at Warwick University

Strategic Management

All organisations have a strategy they follow and this course views you as the manager who needs to understand the key analytical tools and the fundamental strategies to help your firm compete effectively.

We live in a connected globalised world where social, technological and political changes are impacting on all our lives and impact on a firm’s strategic thinking: we will look at what these are and how firms should or could respond strategically.

Strategy is also about interpreting what the analytical tools tell us, so we will help develop you - as future managers and leaders – with the skills that will be necessary so that firms can navigate the increasingly complex and uncertain world and still remain competitive.

The course is designed to intertwine theoretical and practical perspectives, enabling you to apply theory to real life scenarios.

Key Information

Level: Intermediate
Fees: Please see Fees page
Teaching: 60 hours
Expected independent study: 90 hours
Optional assessment: Dependent on course

Typical credit: 3-4 credits (US) 7.5 ECTS points (EU) - please check with your home institution

This course can also be combined with our Exploring British Culture week - find out more.

In a changing world the sharing of different perspectives leads to high quality decisions and effective strategies.

We provide a set of key theories and analytical tools to develop your strategic thinking skills. We start with understanding that strategy is not simply a game and understanding our own organisation and the context we find ourselves in is vital to strategizing.

The course is structured in a way that starts with the big picture – the external environment – moves on to the competitive environment -the internal environment of the firm - and how value is created and captured by firms. However, strategy means nothing if we fail to implement it effectively, so, in week 2, we look at how decisions come be made, the barriers to implementation of strategy and how to overcome these. In the last week, we look at the key contemporary issues in strategy and the direction that strategic thinking is going.

Week 1

  • What is strategy?
  • The external environment I: macro-environmental trends and how they impact business
  • The Competitive Environment and Competitive Strategies

  • The Internal Environment: Effective use of our resources and capabilities to implement strategy

  • Corporate Strategy: Headquarters role and how to add value in a multi-business setting

Week 2

  • International Business: The internationalisation process

  • Sustainability: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) & Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG)

  • Getting your idea heard: Developing your negotiation skills

  • Implementing Strategy: Managing Strategic Change

Week 3

  • Innovation and Growth
  • Strategic Management & Thinking like an Artist

  • Visualisation in Management: Rich Pictures

  • Strategy & Why Diversity Matters
  • Management skills in the modern world

  • Presentations and course reflections

Please note changes to the syllabus and teaching team may be made over the coming months before exact set of topics are finalised.