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Student Profiles & Testimonials | Warwick Summer School

Student Testimonials

We're a truly international Summer School with more than 62 nationalities visiting us from across the globe for our last four Summer Schools. Our participants are self-selected, intellectually curious and self-driven which creates a captivating learning environment.

Over 99% of our Summer School students would recommend the programme to a friend.

Find out more about what our students think in our video and written testimonials, as well as hearing from some of the staff who teach and manage the programme.

Renata, Portugal

Renata, a Summer School student

The programme was amazing, combining fun and knowledge with an amazing support staff and teachers that made sure we felt included. We really learnt from the best.

From the staff to the students and activities, everything was brilliant. The guest speakers taught us a lot, and the lectures delivered were very engaging.

Having the opportunity to visit central London, Oxford and The Making of Harry Potter with other students allowed us to get to know each other and, most importantly, have fun throughout the three weeks. Meeting people from different places all around the world was very eye-opening and I have gained so much more than I could have asked for. I finished the summer course with an international family. I would recommend this experience to anyone - the Warwick Summer School offers many valuable lessons and experiences.

Shaleeza, Pakistan

Shaleeza, a Summer School student

I came across Warwick's web page and found their courses really interesting. What I found the most attractive was that Warwick wasn't just offering us students to only learn but actually have fun!

I must say, Warwick did a great job living up to my expectations. Everything was so well planned and co-ordinated. The events and trips were managed in such a professional manner. I had the pleasure of meeting an exciting and talented bunch of people. It’s safe to say, for the very first time in my life, I actually had fun preparing for any exam. It was challenging but so interesting at the same time.

Our administrator was extremely friendly and supportive throughout the course - so understanding and actually there to listen to all the students' needs.

Thank you Warwick for hosting such a wonderful summer school. It really was one of my best decisions.

Arushi, India

Arushi, Summer School student

The primary reason I chose Warwick’s summer programme was because of various subjects offered and the top faculty confirmed to teach. I studied the Behavioural Economics course and I had the privilege of interacting with not one but three professors during the three-week course. The lectures were highly interactive and informative, and the tutorial/seminar classes were a great addition as they allowed us to not only revise concepts, but also gain more clarity on certain topics in smaller, more focused class sizes.

Aside from the excellent academic support, WSS also offered an enriching and fun social programme. You are never bored during free time/weekends as the staff always had something planned for the students. From playing football to singing my heart out at the karaoke night, the three weeks with Warwick was the best way to spend my summer - it was so fun to meet and socialise with other students from all over the world.

The exposure that WSS provides is something I would recommend to any individual looking to broaden their horizons. The three weeks not only helps one grow but it also allows one to push their boundaries and escape their comfort zone. WSS made sure that at every step throughout the programme all the students would get the opportunity to interact, learn and develop lifelong friendships with one another.

Gemy, Philippines

Two WSS students

I enjoyed all of the experiences I had at WSS - the first dinner, the super fun curry karaoke night, the Wicked musical at Apollo Theatre, the planned trips to different parts of London with my new found friends. The friendships I have formed were not just for the three week summer school duration, as three years have already passed and I still feel connected and updated with their lives through social media.

Something that is particularly unique about Warwick Summer School is the inspirational guest speakers. I got to meet a lot of great speakers from different walks of life, from the Nobel prize winner George Akerlof to the paralympic gold medalist Kelly Gallagher, whom I will never get a chance to see if not for the Warwick Summer School. I did not only gain knowledge in public policy and economics, made new friends, experienced the UK culture and its rainy weather, but it has also given me inspiration about life from their speeches.

It is a full package experience as you will get to learn about your course, about the UK culture, as well as you will have ample time to visit new places with your new found friends. Aside from the knowledge that I have gained from my chosen course, I have made friends with different cultures, backgrounds and stories as mine.