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WSS Teacher Information Page

Thank you for visiting the Warwick Summer School Teacher Information Page. On this page you will be able to access all the information and resources you will need for the programme.

We will still email you at key points in the lead up to and during the programme, and of course, you can always contact us directly, but it is a good idea to bookmark this page so you can easily access information about the programme.


The master timetable can be accessed here.

Each course contains:

  • An introductory 1 hour lecture- this provides the students with an overview of the course content, method of assessment, information about people teaching on the course, contact points, accessing online resources etc.
  • 42 further hours of teaching- made up of 32 hours of lectures and 10 hours of seminars
  • A 3-hour revision session - on the final Thursday of the programme (before an
    exam/assessment on the Friday)

The timetable sets out the schedule for the entire three weeks, including the guest lectures and social programme.

Each course must align their teaching schedule to the Summer School master timetable to ensure that students on all courses can participate in all the other activities arranged as part of the summer school. However, each course can choose to use the teaching contact time as they see fit to deliver the course.

Timetables will be created for each course, setting out teaching room allocations and these will be published on the respective course resource pages by mid June (see below for more information on course resource pages). All room allocations will be on central campus.

Course Cohort/Demographic Information

The Summer School attracts students from all over the world. In 2019 the split between Home/EU students and overseas students was 19% to 81%. The biggest percentage of students come from China (41%), followed by students from Hong Kong, Italy and Saudi Arabia.

Over 90% of the students were studying at either UG or PG level, but around 9% were working professionals. 65% of students were between 18-21 years old, and the split between genders was 56% female/44% male.

The demographic this year will be different because we have had significantly less applications from Chinese students due to the Covid-19 restrictions in place there. We are also expecting fewer numbers this year, which we are attributing to Covid-19 and a reticence to make international travel plans.

We will share the details of students on the programme in early July and they will also be published on this page.

When putting together your course material, you won't know the exact numbers and demographics of your students, so please plan to be flexible.

Teaching Material and Pre-Reading

Please can you send us any pre-reading you require your students to undertake, and a complete set of lecture notes/seminar exercises/problem sets by Friday 24th June at the latest so we can arrange for these to go online, ready for the start of the programme on Monday 18th July. Also, if you plan on using any journal articles/working papers, please provide us with copies of these in PDF format to send to students.

Teaching material should be presented in Warwick branded PowerPoint templates.

Please follow naming conventions: course, day, session and session leader (eg, Money and Banking, Monday 1st August, Monetary Policy, Prof Smith)

End of course exam

Most courses have an end of course exam as the method of assessment. The timetable has been designed with this method of assessment in mind, and so students have extra time available in week 3 for exam revision. However, it is up to the course teachers to devise the best method of assessment, and to adapt their course timetables accordingly.

The end of course exam is scheduled for the final Friday morning of the Summer School (5 August). This exam is optional for the students, but typically the majority do take the exam.

If your method of assessment is an exam, we ask that you follow the same format as other exams, i.e. that the exam format is 15 minutes reading time, followed by a 2 hour exam. It is entirely down to the teaching team how you wish to structure the exam, e.g. with compulsory questions or a choice of questions. The Course Coordinator will coordinate between the lecturers on your course to ensure your exam format is confirmed, exam questions are set and checked, and that a mark scheme/solutions are provided.

The GTA(s) on the course will take the revision classes and will mark the exam, so the Course Coordinator will share the exam paper and solutions with them.

We commit to students sitting the exam that they will receive their exam transcript within 3 weeks of the Summer School ending.

Please note that as the course is intensive, delivered in the style of an exam at a UK HEI and often in a students’ second language, students often suffer with exam anxiety. It is a good idea to cover the process of sitting an exam and what to expect clearly in class. We also do our best to prepare students for this with emails beforehand and with tips and information shared on their resource pages.

Please note the deadline for confirming the exam paper is midday Friday 24th June.

Student resource pages

All teaching resources are shared on a Sitebuilder page which is shared with students on the first day of the course. We do not print any teaching materials and we do not require the students to purchase any text books. All summer school students are asked to bring a laptop to the programme and to take them to lectures and seminars.

The resources pages are simple to use and staff can be given access to this so they can add/amend resources themselves.

The resource page can be found by navigating to the relevant course webpage from this webpage and typing "resources" at the end of the URL.

Summer School Programme Team Office

Throughout the Summer School, the Programme Team will be based in Zeeman A001. There will be a small number of desks available for staff teaching on the programme to work in the Programme Office should they wish to do so.

Please feel free to drop in to see us with any queries you have (or just to say hello!) Alternatively you can contact us via email at 

Summer School Social Events

The Summer School includes a social programme for the students (sports activities/trips/dinners/events), which are set out on the master timetable. Staff are more than welcome to attend these events- in fact, we actively encourage this, because these events are a nice opportunity for staff to engage with students in a more informal setting.

We also recognise that it is nice to get the Warwick Summer School staff together and so we have arranged Staff Socials to be hosted in the Radcliffe Bar each week. Please do come along for drinks and nibbles and talk to other staff on the programme! The dates are as follows:

Thursday 21st July from 4-6pm

Thursday 28th July from 4-6pm

Wednesday 3rd August from 4-6pm

Please let us know which events you would like to attend here

For optional trips where students pay separately to attend, there are limited numbers and priority is given to Summer School students, if there are any spare tickets then we would offer these to staff.

Summer School Staff Briefing

We are holding an online briefing session on Teams for all staff (old and new) teaching on the Summer School on Monday 27th June from 2-3pm. Please do attend!