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Files.Warwick Privacy Statement

When using Files.Warwick, certain personally-identifiable information about your usage of the system is stored.

As a visitor to Files.Warwick

If you download a file that has been sent to you, we log how many times this has been downloaded. These details are viewable by the filespace owners and administrators, and also system administrators.

Working with Files.Warwick

Filespace administrators and other system administrators can see details of activity on their filespace. This includes:

  • Details of who has downloaded a file (and when the download took place)
  • Details of any file sent from their filespace (including any associated message)
  • Details of certain edit activities such as:
    • File upload
    • Folder creation
    • Copy, move or rename files
    • Deletion of a file or folder
    • Download of a file or folder
    • Updating of sharing (permissions)
    • Sending of files or folders

We also log the date and time when you log in or log out. These details are viewable by system administrators only, and can help to diagnose any problems.