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Ways to stay active during your self isolation

Six ways to use this time well

Use these tips to find ways to balance your time between work, activity and relaxation.

1) Plan ahead

You may like to make yourself a plan to help you structure your days. See some examples and tips here.

How to plan ahead

2) Stay connected

Do you know about the Library Online Lounge and the Global Connections Club? Do you know about all these apps?

How to stay connected

3) Nurture yourself

Discover ways to manage your anxiety and practice mindfulness. You can also make your bedroom into a more relaxing place.

How to nurture yourself

4) Work on your health and fitness

From Warwick Sports to free online resources, there's never been a better time to work on your personal fitness.

How to stay active

5) Boost your skills

Set some realistic skills targets with our Warwick Careers programmes and think about your CV.

How to develop new skills

6) Stay entertained

You probably have this covered already - but in case you're on the look-out for something new, why not try these ideas?

How to have fun in self-isolation

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