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Research Audit Database


Welcome to the Research Audit Database for Coventry UK City of Culture 2021 (COC21), a joint initiative of the university partnership between Coventry University and The University of Warwick. This database is intended to capture and communicate the breadth of university research occurring across all aspects of COC21. COC21 is committed to undertaking a rigorous, innovative, collaborative, and transparent data collection, performance reporting, and learning dissemination process. This Research Audit Database is a core way of enabling those goals. Academic colleagues at Coventry University and University of Warwick are invited to submit details of their projects to provide a full picture of relevant research being undertaken at both institutions

Information gathering

The information being collected is for the purposes of keeping track of all previous, live and upcoming research projects, in order to facilitate communication between interested stakeholders. For example, by providing the details of projects, researchers may be contacted for the purposes of public engagement, ongoing research efforts, and the monitoring and evaluation of the COC21 programme. The database will be updated regularly with submitted information and made publicly available.

How can I submit details of my projects(s)?

If you are an investigator with a relevant project, we would be most grateful if could complete the form (linked below) with as much detail as possible. Being part of the project is intended to open up extra opportunities to share your work, access to multiple data sets about arts, culture, demographics, economics and more within Coventry and the region and participation in a City of Culture research network to stay up to date on future collaborations and funding opportunities.

If you know someone working on a relevant project, or a stakeholder that would be interested in this work, please share this webpage with them. As the University of Warwick is leading on the research and evaluation of COC21 M&E, in close partnership with Coventry University, the webform is linked to a Warwick webpage, however, all data is available to stakeholders at either institution.

The Coventry City of Culture Trust will officially commence its year-long programme in May 2021.

Please add your research to the database by following this link.

For further information, or if you have any questions, please contact India Foster at the University of Warwick or Samima Hussain at Coventry University.