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Warwick Volunteers : Where to start?


With so many opportunities to choose from, it’s worth keeping these things in mind:

1. What type of cause or organisation are you interested in?

You can start to list down the sort of cause you would like to help. Do you want to work with children, older people, disabled people, homeless people or refugees? Are you interested in doing something good for the environment, or working in the fields of art, culture, science or sport? Or do you want to gain some practical experience in your own field of studies?

2. What experience and talent can you bring?

Do you speak a foreign language? Are you good at coding, crafting or baking? Is sport more your thing? There are many ways you can share a passion or a talent with others.

3. What skills would you like to develop?

Do you want to gain some teaching experience? Evidence your ability to work as part of a team or improve your communication with others? Develop you leadership skills? Volunteering is great for gaining transferable skills. Most volunteering opportunities do not require you to have specific skills; it is more important to be motivated and committed.

4. How much time can you give?

We take care to offer volunteering opportunities which can be balanced with your academic life. Think about whether you are able to commit for a couple of hours each week or on an occasional basis, and if you can volunteer during term time only or during breaks as well. Consider also the location of the project and the time it might take you to get there.

5. Do your research:

There are many ways to find the right project(s) for you:

6. Still not sure?

Check out our range of short term flexible volunteering opportunities which are perfect if you want to try something new or if you cannot commit on the long term. They are advertised in our newsletter and also on our website. Just use the Time Commitment filter and choose one day/half day.

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Read our FAQ for further practical information or write to us if you cannot find the answer.