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Alumni Stories

Emily Muir

Parliamentary and Stakeholder Engagement Officer at Care Quality Commission
“I had gained confidence that I could work in the ‘real world’ and had skills that would be of use beyond the Warwick “bubble”.”

Dita Karklina

Trading and Performance Analyst at Vodafone
“I feel very grateful for all the skills that Warwick Volunteers have given me and that has not only helped me to get a graduate job, but also helps me every day in my working life.”

Nicholas Bungard

Risk Management Senior Supervisor, Bank of England
"My volunteering led to a job with an anti-bullying charity and helped me to realise I did not want to be a teacher "

Rianna Kelly

MSc Candidate in Quantum Technologies at University College London
"When I started graduate applications I quickly realised that through volunteering I was gaining invaluable transferrable skills such as teamwork, leadership, communication and time management."

Simon Collier

Primary School Teacher
"Having varied volunteering experiences and long term volunteering commitments allowed me to draw upon a range of examples when being interviewed"