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A Warwick education will be more research-led and international in outlook, achieved through our staff and students working in partnership to co-create the educational experience. The effects will be truly transformative and enriching – for our students and their impact on society.

A Warwick education and student experience are highly sought after and valued by learners and employers, not just in the UK but across the world. This quality means that Warwick will steadily grow in the number, type and range of opportunities that we offer to all our students – be they full-time or part-time, mature or straight from school, local or international – but at a pace which matches demand and never compromises on quality.

Student reading

Education at Warwick will increasingly be characterised by being co-created with students, by learning beyond boundaries, greater interdisciplinarity, and by student research. Strong disciplinary identities and excellence will be strengthened by continued investment in digital innovations and evolving facilities for teaching and learning. Face-to-face learning, and learning as a social experience, will remain central to our approach.

An ethos of internationalisation will enable students to study abroad for part of their course, as well as reaping the benefits of the international student community on our own campus through still deeper intercultural engagement. Student academic success at Warwick, supporting students into excellent careers, with lifelong learning opportunities, are our key drivers.


Students studying in groups


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  • Provide our students with an internationally outstanding teaching and learning experience across the entire lifecycle from applicant, to student, to alumni, supported by an institutional culture and systems, making for continuous enhancement of quality
  • Ensure students can progress into their choice of high quality employment through skills development, work experience, employer and alumni relations
  • Develop and enhance alternative and sector-leading pathways to a Warwick education.