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Innovation will be the key to releasing the value of our creative ideas, actions and collaborations to make a positive impact on the world.

Innovation, creativity and entrepreneurial energy have always been pivotal in helping Warwick to stand out from the crowd.

If we are to achieve our ambitions for research and education in a fast-changing world, innovation must be a given, not an option. It will enable us to deliver more purposeful research and to give students and staff new ways of thinking and the ambition to try out new ideas and methods within the University and beyond.

Innovation strategy building

We will work to remove barriers to innovative and creative activity and to foster an openly innovative culture. We want this energy to touch everything we do and the ways in which we do it.

Our research will increasingly tackle the major economic, environmental and societal problems facing our world, and we will look for industrial and other partners who share our ambitions and approach to innovation. We will support students and staff who have enterprising ideas which they want to test and implement.

Our campus development, investment in technology and administrative and commercial activities will not only support innovation, but increasingly provide models for others.


Innovation at Warwick



  • Create new approaches to developing an open innovation culture, removing the barriers to innovative practice, and rewarding student and staff innovation
  • Develop new innovation spaces on campus to enable and excite innovation with our business partners, staff, and students.