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In this strategy, we imagine how the University of Warwick might be in 2030: how we will be excellent in everything we do and how our excellence will be channelled into a renewed purpose and impact.


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Core purposes

We begin with our aspirations in our core purposes of Research and Education and explain how they will be underpinned by four strategic priorities: Innovation, Inclusion, Regional Leadership and Internationalisation.


British universities are autonomous public bodies with a duty to work in the public interest. That public interest varies over time. For a Britain that is embracing devolution, facing the challenges of economic life outside of the European Union, with a renewed focus on social mobility and the opportunities of industrial strategies and business, the drivers of the new public interest are clear.

Yet universities do not just follow fashion. They must stand for constant values and behaviours: for excellence, for the positive impact of their work on society, for rejecting intolerance and for both academic freedom and freedom of speech. Our strategy is underpinned by these values while addressing our contemporary public interest duty.

As one of the UK’s top ten universities, and one of the top 100 in the world – the only UK university of its generation to achieve such progress – it is our responsibility to bring together our unique strengths of academic excellence, industrial partnerships, creativity and enterprise to plan with confidence for a more impactful future.

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Notwithstanding our excellent progress, we cannot be satisfied by standing still. Our aim is to be even more successful in 2030 than we are today, as one of the world’s exceptional universities, by focusing on supporting our talented staff and students, and giving them the freedom and best environments in which to flourish. In so doing, we will remain committed to development in all our faculties, looking at rebalancing where appropriate.