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Easter Sus: Camp

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Easter Camp 

The Esports Centre at the University of Warwick is back this Easter with a brand-new holiday camp for youngsters unlike ever seen before! 

Get a glimpse inside the minds and process of designing serious games with a wide selection of activities, hosts and causes all based around sustainability and environmental awareness.  

Hosted in the Esports Centre at their brand-new location on central campus (FUSION @ Rootes Building) and working with various experts, each day hosts different activities all based around game development and sustainability. 

If you had to design a game that was fun, engaging and informative about issues with the environment, what would your game look, feel and play like? What would you need to consider around map design? And what other games are out there that could be tackling some of these topics already? 

Attend our Easter Sus: Camp to learn, play and find out! 


Work Around Your Schedule!
We are open before and after the session if you wish to match up with your working hours and have your children pay-to-play on the day!

£4 per hour.

Morning arrivals from 08:30am
Stay and Play up until 5:30pm

*Please note:

- Wednesday 3rd April we have a private booking after 2:30pm so are unavailable to do stay and play that day.

- We do not accept cash at the Esports Centre, please use our card machine to process your payments.


Need to know:

    • Save: Multi-buy savings offers are available.  
    • Limited: There are only 24 places per day so purchase your tickets early to avoid disappointment! 
    • Work Around You: The camp is happening twice across two weeks where you can pick and choose the days you would like to attend. 
    • Learn, play & Grow: Each day comes with ample time to play video games together with such titles as Rocket League, Fall Guys and more! 
    • Trust In Us: All of our staff are fully DBS checked and supervised by experienced leaders. 

    • Age
      8 years old – 16 years old
    • Duration:
      4hrs (10am-2pm)

      Please bring a packed lunch with you as we only have a certain amount of time between sessions. 

    • Pricing and Offers:

      1 Day - £39 
      2 Days - £78
      3 Days - £109  
      4 Days - £139 

    • Parents:
      You can stay and join in with us and our DBS certified staff, “Drop ‘n’ play” on our PC’s and Consoles or feel free to “drop-n-go” and visit the university’s other facilities such as Pret A Manger or Café Nero:


Secure your place below...

Tickets are limited to just 24 participants per day so book early to avoid disappointment!

Please note - Use the form below to submit ONE participant per transaction. If you want to sign up multiple participants, please refresh the page and submit them one by one.

Thank you!

    sign up today for Easter

    • Day 1:

    • What’s Out There?
      • We take a look at one of the leading AAA games focussed around sustainability. What would you change? What do you like? How is it tackling the important questions and can YOU run the most sustainable city?

    • Design for Play
      • Learn about play as a catalyst for creative discovery! Experience risk, challenge, and excitement as you design meaningful play experiences for people of all ages.
    • ______________________________________
    • Day 2: Game Design with BOM

      2 part workshop: Conjure up ideas for an environmental mobile game starring Mother Nature - a warrior sent to save the planet! Work with BOM Staff to develop team pitches for your innovative new game.

    • ______________________________________
    • Day 3


      • What does Net Zero look like? Explore how gamification can encourage sustainability and understand the impact of tangible actions on your own energy behaviour with GetZero!


      SUS choices

      • Millions of permutations in a web of decisions. Choose your own adventure and watch as the consequences of those decisions unfold in this Bandersnatch style of story webbing activity.
    • ___________________________________
    • Day 4:

      Narrative Game Mapping

      • Game designers must craft games that tell a story, which the act of playing brings to life. Join us and learn how to invent imaginative contexts, create a compelling narrative, and make the game maps upon which our plots play out.


      Final Design  

      • Taking one of your projects from throughout the week, develop a campaign poster and design to tie in with your submission for the Design Faculty’s Sustainability Youth Award!



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