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Inspire Through Esports

discover your digital career

inspire through esports

A Warwickshire County Council Initiative

Working closely with Warwickshire Skills Hub, the Esports Centre will be delivering free one-day trips to the Esports Centre for year 8s to take part in eye opening learning experiences. Ahead of the tough GCSE options decisions, it's important that our future innovators get hands-on experiences with creative and digital jobs, such as graphics design, video editing, online event organisation, streaming, production, and many many more. On top of this, the students will be able to work together in an teamwork-intensive day with another Warwickshire skill, advancing their networking, communication, and teamworking abilities!

The first session of this programme is the 3rd May 2022 and sign-ups are now open for classes. Find the form below!

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    The skills sessions start after we return from the Easter break!

    • Full day experiences where participants will see into the creative industries, be taught essential digital software, and develop their teamworking!
    • Collaboration with other Warwickshire schools across the area, with two schools coming together with our expert staff to be guided along a collaborative learning experience.
    • Access to permanent learning materials after the programme that can be used to educate students and parents on the opportunities in the creative and digital industries.

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