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Dr Giorgio Tagliaferro

Dr Giorgio Tagliaferro Associate Professor

Venice Programme Co-ordinator

Undergraduate Examinations Co-ordinator

Tel: 024 7652 3005
Email: g dot tagliaferro at warwick dot ac dot uk

Millburn House
University of Warwick, Coventry CV4 7HS


Giorgio Tagliaferro has received his PhD in History of Art at the Università Ca' Foscari in Venice (2004), where he had previously completed his BA and MA. He was also lecturer in the same university (2004-2010). He was visiting lecturer at the Charles University in Prague (2010, 2011), and a research fellow in this Department (2013). He also collaborated with the teaching programme of the European Centre of the Emerson College of Boston, MA, based in Well, The Netherlands (2007-2013).

Between 2004 and 2009 he lead a team research project on Titian’s workshop, funded by the Fondazione Centro Studi Tiziano e Cadore, and was the main author of the resulting book Le botteghe di Tiziano (Florence, 2009). He was a scholar in residence at the Getty Research Institute (2012), with a research project titled ‘Inside Paolo Veronese: Transformation of Ideas into Images’, the recipient of a British Academy Small Grant (2015-16), with a project titled 'Leo Steinberg on Titian: A Method of Seeing Artworks in Their Contexts', and the recipient of a Leverhulme Research Fellowship (2016-17), with a book project on the painted cycle of the Great Council and Scrutiny halls in the Doge's Palace, Venice.

Giorgio is a member of the University of Warwick's Centre for the Study of the Renaissance, and the History of Art department's 'Art in Italy 1200 -1700: Research on Venice and Northern Italy' research cluster.

Research interests

Renaissance and Early Modern art, especially Italian and Venetian; visual arts and the display of power; arts and spectatorship; painting and beholding; art criticism; drawing and creative process; artists’ workshops; devotional practice and visual culture; patronage and artistic production. Further Information

Teaching and supervision

Modules taught might include:

  • Introduction to Art History: Classicism and the Arts of Christianity
  • Venice: Rise and Myth
  • The Renaissance: North and South
  • Venetian Art and its Histories
  • Venetian Luxury and Display
  • Methods in Art History
  • Then and Now: Displaying the Renaissance

Administrative roles

  • Undergraduate Examinations Co-ordinator

Selected publications

  • ‘Procurators on the Threshold: Sitters and Beholders in Palma Giovane’s Crociferi Entombment’, Artibus et Historiae, 74 (2016): 153-176
  • ‘Drafting Characters: Action and Enactment in Veronese’s Creative Process’, in Bernard Aikema, Thomas Dalla Costa, and Paola Marini (eds.), Paolo Veronese: giornate di studio (Venice: Lineadacqua-Fondazione Cini, 2016): 102-113
  • ‘Alcune considerazioni sul ciclo pittorico delle lunette superiori’, in Bernard Aikema, Massimo Mancini, and Paola Modesti (eds.), «In centro et oculis urbis nostre». La chiesa e il monastero di San Zaccaria (Venice: Marcianum Press, 2016): 207-208
  • 'A New Agony in the Garden by Titian and His Collaborators, and the Problem of Originality in Late Titian’, Artibus et Historiae, 72 (2015): 107-126
  • ‘Veronese pittore di Stato’, in Bernard Aikema and Paola Marini (eds.), Paolo Veronese: L’illusione della realtà, exh. cat. (Milan: Electa, 2014): 164-172
  • 'Il "Mito" ripensato: trasformazioni della retorica figurativa pubblica tra Lepanto e l’Interdetto', in Benjamin Paul (ed.), Celebrazione e autocritica. La Serenissima e la ricerca dell’identità veneziana nel tardo Cinquecento (Rome: Viella, 2014), pp. 193-231
  • 'Regesto per Orazio Vecellio', Studi Tizianeschi, 8 (2011): 68-98
  • 'Clientele cittadine, affari privati e produzione di bottega: Tiziano e i Balbi dal Legname', Venezia Cinquecento, 41 (2011): 107-161
  • Le botteghe di Tiziano (Firenze: Alinari, 2009) [with Bernard Aikema]
  • 'Mito di Venezia e iconografia di stato tra Lepanto e l’Interdetto: revisione di una categoria storiografica', in Alessandro Cinquegrani, Flavia Crisanti, Luca Lombardo, and Anna Rinaldin (eds.), Cartoline Veneziane (Palermo: Officina di Studi Medievali, 2009): 19-35
  • 'La pala di Serravalle e la congiuntura degli anni ’40', Venezia Cinquecento, 35 (2008): 41-77

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BA, MA and PhD (Ca' Foscari, Venice)

Advice and Feedback hours

Spring Term 2018: usually Monday, 14-15, and Tuesday, 14-15, but there may be variations to the timetable.
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