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Current Students

As a Doctoral Researcher in the Faculty of Arts you have access to an enormous range of opportunities to develop yourself as a researcher, and to discuss your ideas with other doctoral researchers. Consider your development needs with your supervisor and then use the CADRE calendar to find events that suit your requirements.

Why do I need Professional Development?

If you want to improve your chances of being successful at interview, winning that bid or getting published it is important that you devote some of your time to your professional development. With increased pressures including interdisciplinary working, impact and outreach and publications, you need to take advantage of the opportunities provided by CADRE and the wider University to maximise your potential.

How do I know what will be useful?

The University's Professional Development Framework will help you work out what you need to work on and where to find the appropriate support. Later this year workshops will be bookable through a new platform called SkillsForge. SkillsForge will also help you log your training so you can easily present it at key progress points like annual reviews or upgrades.

How much training do I need to do?

The University expects all research students to undertake 10 days of professional training each year (for fulltime students). Ideally the 10 days will be balanced with five days specific to your research subject, two days of conferencing and networking and three days of transferrable skills. The Professional Development Framework website has much more information on how these are defined, please take a look there if you have any queries. Also take a look at the University's policy on Professional Development for Doctoral Researchers.

How can CADRE help?

In addition to supporting you with training and workshops you can access our PGR study provision, take advantage of our support in organising the Annual Arts Festival, engage with our Peer Development Exchange opportunities and broaden your network with events at other local universities and much more. Take a look below to find out more about how CADRE can help you.

University and External Events

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