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Current PGRs

Current PGRs

Your guide to PhD life

Welcome and Induction

Everything you need to know before you begin your PhD at Warwick, along with details of Welcome Week and induction events.

Funding, Scholarships, Expenses

Guidance about your funding/scholarship, on university policies for funded PGRs, and on using/claiming research expenses.

PhD Life

There's a huge range of activities and resources on offer for Warwick PGRs - these pages provide an overview of them.

Workspaces for PGRs

Information about workspaces available to PGRs.

Supervision, Progression, Submission

It is important to be aware of the university guidance and regulations around supervision, progression (Upgrades, Annual Reviews), and submission/Viva.

Life after the PhD

It may seem a long way off yet, but it comes round quickly. There are lots of options post-PhD at Warwick and beyond, and the university wants to help you find your way after your Viva.

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