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Funding, Scholarships, Expenses

Research expenses: M4C Research Development Fund (RDF) and Engagement Fund (EF)

Guidance on the VPP

M4C-funded PGRs and M4C supervisors should refer to the 'Guidance, contacts, & links' tab on the VPP for information about using RDF and EF funding. In the section 'Additional funding', click on 'M4C additional funding information'.

The information covers: how to apply for EF and RDF money, what this money can be used for, and specific details related to expenditure such as travel and accommodation. It includes comprehensive guidance notes on applying and on the conditions for using RDF/EF money. A PDF copy of this guidance is available here.

Applying for RDF/EF

To apply, you must fill in the application form available on the VPP.

Please ensure that your RDF/EF applications adhere to both the M4C VPP guidance and the Warwick University expenses guidance.

Note: Any travel and accommodation costs with a combined total of £500 or more must be booked through Key Travel. Any travel outside European countries must be booked by Key Travel regardless of the cost.

To help with your application, we have created an RDF-EF Checklist. Please download this checklist, and submit it with your application.

Using RDF/EF

In terms of how RDF and EF money is dealt with at Warwick once it has been awarded, please see below:

Enquiries to:

Research expenses: other funding schemes/non-funded PGRs

PGRs funded by the following schemes should refer to the guidance on the Doctoral College website for details of the research expenses to which they are entitled:

  • Chancellor's International Scholarships
  • Commonwealth PhD Scholarships
  • China Scholarship Council
  • Monash-Warwick Alliance
  • Sanctuary Scholarships
  • Sasakawa Japanese Studies

Most PGRs are also entitled to research expenses from their department - please liaise with your DGS and/or PG Administrator about this.

University guidance on spending your research expenses is available here. Again, please liaise with your department if you are unsure.

Overseas Travel

If you are travelling abroad as part of your research, you will need to make sure you have followed relevant guidance. Some countries require approval to travel from the Insurance Services Department and/or FinCompliance, details found here Overseas Business Travel Insurance (

The travel policy is renewed every year and detail on business travel arrangements can also be found at the link above.

Before you travel, please download the Solace app found here Login & Register ( (email and policy number 100735754GPA required to register free of charge).

You can also sign up for alerts from the Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office Foreign travel advice - GOV.UK ( and Amadeus (via Key Travel) relevant for the country or countries you are travelling to.

Additionally, you may need to complete a travel risk assessment before travel arrangements are booked.

RDF/EF deadlines

*Note earlier internal deadline will be set

Month of Activity/Trip/Conference

Deadline to submit application forms to Site Directors

Site Directors submit forms to M4C Finance Manager

Latest date student notified

of outcome


29th November

8th December

31st December


29th December

8th January

31st January


29th January

8th February

28th February


28th February

8th March

31st March


29th March

8th April

30th April


29th April

8th May

31st May


29th May

8th June

30th June


29th June

8th July

31st July


29th July

8th August

31st August


29th August

8th September

30th September


29th September

8th October

31st October


29th October

8th November

30th November