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Updates on H454

Unfortunately it has been decided that the Graduate space, including the CADRE hotdesk room H454, will be permanently given over to Psychology during the summer. I don't have dates for this move just now, but I will post on here as soon as I am made aware. We are meeting with Space Management to look at possible options in the Ramphal building and I will update here as soon as I have news.


Following a review of the number of bookings made through the hot desk booking system, we have decided to close H101 as a bookable hot desk space. H101 will be transferred to be used in the same way that H201 and H205, e.g. the room is locked and keys are allocated to individual students for a period of approximately six months. This is a trial, so if you have any comments (either positive or negative), please do email cadre at warwick dot ac dot uk and we will review usage at the end of the trial.

The Faculty of Arts has several areas which are designated for the exclusive use of Arts PGR students. If you need to do some group work, or would like to sit and read in an open plan area, try the Graduate Space, which is located on the 4th Floor extension of the Humanities building.

Alternatively, if you need to work in a quiet office at a desk, CADRE has three bookable hot desks located in a PGR office off the graduate space on the fourth floor. Use the calender below to check out the availability of the desks, and book your slot for up to five consecutive working days. Block booking of desks for longer than five days is not permitted.

Rooms are generally left unlocked, if you have any problems with access, please email cadre at warwick dot ac dot uk You will need to be signed in to make a booking.

Room H454

Room H454 has three work stations for use with your own laptops. Room H454 can also be used as a place to run reading groups, or have small meetings. It is situated in a quiet corner off the graduate space on the fourth floor of the humanities building.

H454 1H454 2

H454 3

Long Term Desk allocation

In addition to the hotdesks we have 15 CADRE desks split between rooms H101, H201 and H205. These are allocated on application for a period of approximately six months for exclusive use. Students can apply for one of these desks and those who are allocated a desk are given a key to the room and are therefore able to leave their belongings there. All faculty PGR students are emailed when the next round of applications are being accepted. You can contact cadre at warwick dot ac dot uk for more information.