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PGR Workspaces

FAB Research Zone

The Research Zone on the 2nd floor of the Faculty of Arts building combines allocated desks and hot desks. It is open to Arts PGRs only. It is a predominantly quiet study space, although contains a meeting pod at one end and a coffee table at the other.

There are 24 desks: allocated desks are numbered 9-24 in the plan (blue); hot desks are numbered 1-8 (green in the plan). The desks are allocated on a termly basis. All desks are equipped with locking pedestals and there is shelving available, too.

It is expected that you make regular use of your allocated desk. Failure to use the allocated space will reduce your chance of future reallocation.

Any questions to:  

Wolfson Research Exchange

Situated across the bridge in the Floor 3 extension of the Library is the Wolfson Research Exchange, or REX. It contains a mixture of quiet and social study space, including desktop computers, PGR lockers, and a kitchenette and hot water point.

Adjacent to the REX are three seminar rooms in which PGR events are commonly held.

REX also hosts Research Refresh every Thursday morning.

A similar space, the PG Hub (open to PGRs and PGTs), can be found in the Junction building (in between the FAB and the Tocil/Claycroft residences).

FAB Departmental Spaces

In addition to the Research Zone, each department in the FAB has open-plan study spaces. How these are allocated varies by department so please direct your enquiries to your Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) or your Postgraduate Administrator.

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