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Aristophanes' Frogs 2019

Frogs 2019 Performance

Frogs 2019 Trailer

Ancient Drama Festival 2019

The Annual Ancient Drama Festival for Schools took place on Friday 25 January 2019. The day focused around a performance of Aristophanes’ Frogs, translated by Ian Johnston and directed by Kelsi Russell. The play was produced by the Classics students at Warwick, and was performed at the Warwick Arts Centre. Supporting the performance, the Department offered a series of lectures and seminars specifically for school students to link in with Latin, Greek, Classical Civilisation, Ancient History, Drama and English syllabuses at GCSE and AS/A2. These include:

  • Dr Michael Scott (Professor of Classics) on ‘Aristophanic comedy and society’
  • Dr Emmanuela Bakola (Associate Professor of Ancient Greek Language and Literature), on ‘Why does Dionysus choose Aeschylus at the end of Frogs?’
  • Professor C.W. Marshall (Professor of Classics, University of British Columbia) 'Aristophanic comedy: serious laughter?'
  • Dr David Fearn (Reader in Greek Language and Literature): 'Aristophanes Up Close' (seminar-workshop)
  • Dr Marchella Ward (Archivist/Researcher, Archive of Performances of Greek and Roman Drama, University of Oxford) 'Staging Aristophanic Comedy'

The event was FREE

Download the programme of the two days.

Get a taste of the Frogs music in this teaser!

by Kirk Hastings, (Choir Leader with Rock Choir, Freelance Composer, Primary Music Teacher)


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