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Student Opportunity Team

The Student Opportunity Team supports all EU and international students during their studies at Warwick and is able to assist with immigration advice (a free and confidential expert advice service, advising on visa extensions, dependant visas, working in the UK during or after study, Doctoral Extension Scheme, Tier 1 Start Up scheme etc.); police registration guidance; and the International Student Experience (Welcome Week and a programme of ongoing social events, cultural celebrations and trips for international students and their families plus an intercultural communication training programme).

Key websites:

Immigration Advice for Students

Advice on immigration can only be obtained via authorised staff who are deemed to meet the Immigration Services Commissioner’s Code of Standard and Guidance. Students should be directed to the Immigration Team within the Student Opportunity Team ( or the Students’ Union Advice Centre ( in the first instance for immigration advice. It is also worth noting that changes in a student’s enrolment status, for instance, temporary withdrawal, can have implications for their ability to hold a visa to remain in the UK and students may wish to seek advice accordingly.