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Pigeon holes

Due to a lack of space, students are not assigned individual pigeon-holes. If you become a postgraduate tutor, your pigeon hole will be in the staff common room (H502).

Postgraduate notice board

This is located to the left of H504. Check this regularly for information, seminars, etc.

The Arts Faculty Graduate and Study Space

The Arts Faculty provides dedicated PGR study space within the Humanities building. There are 15 bookable hot desks for individual study available in rooms H4.06 and H2.05. Room H4.05 can be used by PGR students as a group working area, and will house a further two drop-in desks. To book a hot desk please consult the CADRE website for further instructions

The Graduate Space located on the fourth floor extension to the Humanities Building (go through the doors to the left of the lift at the back of the fourth floor of the Humanities Building, and over the bridge) dedicated to postgraduates in the Arts Faculty. You can book this space for seminars, events; conferences etc. (Check availability on the wall chart in the room). It contains noticeboards with information about seminar and conference events. This area is also available for small group discussion work and reading groups.

PG Hub (Floor 2, Junction building (card access, postgraduate-only))

The Postgrad Hub is located on Floor 2 of the Junction building. Please check the FAQs for its current opening hours. Its current opening hours are Monday to Sunday, 09:00-22:00. As a Library study space, the main library policy applies to the Postgrad Hub.

It is accessible to all postgraduate students, both taught and research. You will need your University ID card to access the Postgrad Hub and will not be able to gain access without one.

The Postgrad Hub is the heart of the postgraduate community at Warwick. It is open to all postgraduate students at Warwick, and has facilities for independent and group study, presentations, meetings and workshops.

The Postgrad Hub holds regular events each week such as PG Tips, as well as one-off cultural events throughout the year.

In addition to its study areas, the Postgrad Hub also acts as an informal space to chat and socialise with peers, with a relaxation room for you to get some space away from your study to recharge and refresh.

Wolfson Research Exchange (Third floor extension (across the bridge), Main Library (card access, PhD-only))

The Wolfson Research Exchange is located in the Library on the Floor 3 extension. It is open to all research staff and postgraduate researchers (PGRs) at the University of Warwick. Its opening times are the same as the Library's.

Access is granted via University ID card to research staff and PGRs. If you need to enter for a particular event but do not have card access, please speak to a member of Library staff at the Welcome Point on Floor 1.

The Wolfson Research Exchange (REx) is a space for all Warwick researchers. Not only does it function as a space for study and group work, but it provides a forum for interdisciplinary collaboration. It is host to symposiums, conferences, networking and other research-focused events.

The REx has both quieter and group study areas, including networked computers and three flexible seminar rooms that can be adapted to suit your research-led event. It also has a small kitchen area dispensing hot and cold water, and a complimentary supply of coffee, tea and sugar.

Learning Grid

The Learning Grid aims to provide students at the University with a facility that actively supports the development of study, transferable and professional skills. The Learning Grid offers computers, presentation rooms, opening hours of 24/7 and our Community Engagement Team to support you in getting the most out of the space. The Learning Grids are flexible and informal spaces for group and individual study that can be used by all members of the University.

ITS Facilities

When you enrol with the University you will be given information about registering with IT services. The Graduate Space contains IT facilities for the use of Arts postgraduates. H447 a teaching room/work area which is equipped with desks and workstations, this room is open access, and no code is required. There are also designated desks and workstations for postgraduate students in Millburn House, cell I5 on the map.