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Assessed Essays

Assessed Essay One

Write a 3500 word essay on ONE of the topics listed below. You should normally make reference to both primary and secondary sources. Pay special attention to organisation and conceptual clarity. If you have questions about any of the topics, don’t hesitate to approach your tutors or the module convenor. Your tutor may not, though, read and comment on a draft. You should focus principally on writers on the syllabus who have been studied in term two. Do not write about texts you are studying for another module.

Refer to the departmental guidelines for essay submission. Refer to the MLA guidelines for referencing. Refer to our regulations governing plagiarism and cheating.

Due Date

The essay is due on Monday, 27 April 2009 (Week 2, Term 3), by 3pm. Submit your essay to the office, in duplicate, with the appropriate cover sheet. There will be penalties for late submission. This essay will count for 50% of your overall mark for the module. If for extenuating circumstances (e.g. illness) you feel you may be unable to submit the essay on time, you may apply for an extension from the First Year Director of Undergraduate Studies, Dr. Cathia Jenainati ( You must apply in advance of the due date, using the form (see right). Note that under no circumstances do seminar tutors grant extensions.

Use of Material not on the syllabus

Most of the essay topics require you to discuss two works studied this term. You may, if you wish, discuss a work that is not on the syllabus in place of one that is. The only requirement is that you obtain your tutor’s permission before doing so. Do not write about texts you have studied in another module.