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Erasmus Assessed Essays Term 1

Visiting Students – Assessed Essay Term 1

Visiting students who are studying for only part of the year must submit a 3,000 word essay in response to one of the titles below, due by 12 noon Tuesday 5 December. These will have to be submitted online, via Tabula. If you are here for the full year, please follow the same pattern of essay submission as Warwick students.


1) How does Herbert combine his rhetorical interests with his Protestant faith?

2) Using two masques from the Jacobean period show how the masque genre is court-centred.

3) Explore client-patron relations in Ben Jonson's 'To Penshurst' and Aemelia Lanyer’s ‘Description of Cookham’.

4) How does anti-Catholicism operate in Webster's The White Devil?

5) Assess the rhetorical and religious impact of John Donne’s ‘Holy Sonnets’ on his early 17th-century readers.