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Please contact either Tess or Simon if you are interested in applying for a URSS studentship this year.

The following was written by Prof Elizabeth Clarke in 2013. I've left it here because it explains well how the scheme works. You can find out about opportunities on the OUP Shirley Project here.

The university has allotted anyone who gets an Undergraduate Research Scholarship £850-£2000 DEPENDING on whether they get extra funds or not. You can spend 6-10 weeks termtime or holiday (up to you) doing research.....if you find an academic who will take you this is a great thing for your CV.

I am offering extra work on Hester Pulter or Lucy Hutchinson. They are both new so there is lots of scope. see the Renaissance Centre website (PROJECTS--Editing Hester Pulter) Lucy Hutchinson has recently been discovered to be the first woman to write an epic, Order and Disorder which is in the library.

Recent URSS people did a film (on the website) and a display on Hester Pulter or an article (on alcheny: on makeup).

The work could be as simple as adding poems to the website (there are lots not edited) but use your imagination.

The applications are now open and you have to get me to sign the form I think. Several students are interested so i will support the best two.


!) write a good first assessed essay

2) give me a paragraph by Friday am (email is fine) saying

i) what you would like to do and when

ii) how this fits into your life plan (ie do you want to be an academic? do you find Hester interesting?)


I will let you know by the end of Friday so you can apply to the scheme by Tuesday.

Elizabeth Clarke