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The Hamlet Project 2006-07



  For Group 1's response to Week 4 Workshop, click HERE 





 What is it?


The Hamlet Project is a CAPITAL Centre-sponsored initiative that will give every student on EN301 the chance to work on a passage from Hamlet as a text for performance. At some point during the year (see timetable) your seminar group will meet for a practical workshop delivered by an expert in the relationship between text and performance.


 The Aim


  • To broaden and enhance your understanding of the theatrical nature of Shakespeare’s texts.
  • To give you a practical way into thinking about Section A of the EN301 exam.
  • To foster alternative, non-traditional ways of teaching and learning.



 When and where?


The workshops will take place in the Reinvention Centre in Westwood (next to Café Westwood) on Wednesdays from 3-5pm.




In the seminar before your workshop, you will explore your allotted passage with your tutor, noting questions of staging, textual variation, character, theme, stage history and so on. Your tutor may ask you, for example, to find images of the passage from art or stage history or to develop ideas about how the scene might be staged and directed.




After the workshop, your group must provide a document reflecting on the process.

This might consist of a combination of words and images (including video) which will share your discoveries with all EN301 students. These documents will be uploaded onto the web to provide an evolving record of the Hamlet Project.


 Is it compulsory?


Yes it is. If for whatever reason you are forced to miss your own group’s workshop, you must make arrangements to join another.









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