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Personal Tutors

You can find out who your Personal Tutor is on Tabula (please wait until the end of the first day of term for this to be updated).

Your Personal Tutor is your first port of call for any academic and non-academic issues you experience during your degree. Personal Tutors will often, but not always, change year on year, and sometimes within the year (if your Personal Tutor has a term of research leave, for example). More information on Personal Tutors is given in the Undergraduate Handbook, and if you have any queries please contact, or the Senior Tutor Dr Tess Grant via

You should feel free to email your personal tutor at any time, but be aware that it won't always be possible for staff to respond straight away, or outside of working hours in the evenings and at weekends. Please be patient, and where possible anticipate these kind of short delays.

You are also welcome to fill in a Personal Development Form in advance of any meeting with your personal tutor, and bring the form with you as the basis of discussion.

For more information on the Personal Tutoring system at Warwick, see the Dean of Students page.

Careers Advice: For specialised careers advice, please feel encouraged to contact the Department’s Careers Consultant, Ellie Wetherhill, who will be happy to work with you individually: