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The Project Team would like to thank the following for their help:

The East India Company Traded Textile project advisors to date include: Erik Goebbels, Senior Researcher at the Danish National Archives; Linda Brassington, University of the Creative Arts, Farnham; Katherine Rogerson, Harris Museum, Preston; Dr Lesley Miller & Clare Browne Department of Fashion and Textiles, Victoria and Albert Museum, London; Kevin Rogers, Peter Inskip Associates; Rosemary Crill, Victoria and Albert Museum; Brenda King, chair of Textile History Society; Sally Tuckett, Turkey Red Project, University of Edinburgh; Frances Lennard, Scottish Textile Network; Brigitte Nicolas, Musée des Companies des Indes. Advisory Specialist Groups include: SODAC (Society for Decorative Arts Curators); DATS (Dress and Textiles Specialists curators); Glasgow University, Textile Conservation and Technical Art History Network; University of Leeds International Textile Association.

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