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The Private Trade


How did the private trade differ from that of Company trade? How do we judge the impact of one off and custom made pieces on manufacture and consumption?



Menno Fitski, Curator of East Asian Art, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, 
‘Kakiemon and the trade in Japanese porcelain’

Kakiemon was a luxurious commodity that occupied a special place within the trade, and the presentation will explore how trade was interlinked with the reception and role of Kakiemon in Europe.

Roger Smith, independent historian, London,
The Emperor’s Clocks’ - presents, tribute or trade?
My paper will examine myth and reality in the export of elaborate clocks to the East Indies (China and India) in the 18th century.

Patrick Conner, Martyn Gregory, London,
‘Odd Fancys hit well' - Chinese export painting in the 18th Century’

The development of Cantonese painting for Western customers, in various genres: natural history subjects, portraits, port views, scenes of tea and porcelain production; changes in technique and in clientele.