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 Letter from Project Director

Maxine Berg

Goods from the East: Trading Eurasia 1600-1800

We all enjoyed a wonderful conference in Venice nearly a year ago now. The edited volume from that conference, Goods from the East is now well along in its progress to submission. It will be published by Palgrave Press. We now have all but two chapters submitted, and these will be completed very soon. We have appointed an internal sub-editor, Dr. Rebecca Williams, who will work with you on each chapter over any queries with the text that have not been picked up so far by the volume editors. She will also harmonize terms across the chapters, such as abbreviations for the various East India Companies, terms for currencies and weights and measures, dates etc. She will also implement the Palgrave conventions across the chapters. I will be passing over all the chapters to her in the coming week, and ask that you respond quickly to her messages to you.

Permissions: This is very important. All contributing authors must have cleared any permissions needed for use of copyright material. This includes:

Extracts from books, newspapers, journals or magazines. If the excerpt is quite small and the author has been dead for more than 70 years there is no need for copyright permission, but in all other cases this must be provided in writing.Tables, diagrams, databases and maps. Again permission is needed in writing except in cases where the data is the contributor’s own, or where the author has been dead for more than 70 years.Photographs of manuscripts or artworks. In this case the owner of the copyright must sign the global permissions letter attached

These conditions may appear stringent to you, but we cannot proceed with the volume at all without them. Please contact Helen Clifford if you have any queries about this.

Our museum consultant, Dr. Helen Clifford, has already been in touch with many of you over illustrations. There are a few who have not responded over choices of an illustration, notably Romain Bertrand and Dagmar Schäfer. We need to get permissions early on this material, so please do also respond to Helen Clifford.

We would like to include two maps in the volume, one of Asia and one of Europe. All contributors should suggest three places discussed in their essays in their order of preference. These will then be marked on the maps. We are also including a general bibliography for the volume as well as your individual endnotes. We would like all authors to suggest five books or articles connected to their chapters. There are two forms on our website where you can enter this information. We ask that you do this as soon as possible:

Map link: Please click here
Bibliography link: Please click here

Please also the following documents for the publication:

I am very glad our volume is now going forward. There are still many tasks to complete, but I am confident we should be able to submit the final volume to the publishers in the Spring.

With very best wishes,

Maxine Berg
Professor of History
Director of ERC Project ‘Trading Eurasia’