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Bhimjibhai Vastabhai Vaniya

Interview Summary

Bhimjibhai has worked for Abdul Jabbar Khatri for seven years. His apprenticeship lasted for the twelve months. He usually commutes from his village Amrapur to Dhamadka and works from 8 to 4.30. In a day, he manages to earn 175 to 200 rupees. He is paid for the metres he block-prints in a day. In so doing, his regularly feels pain in his hands especially when the print is particularly complicated or the fabric is thick. During working hours, he and his colleagues listen to music for their entertainment. Though Bhimjibhai works as a printer, he can also take on other jobs, such as washing or boiling, if required.

Bhimjibhai is well-travelled and worked as a cook in Muscat for two years. The large investment and consistent water supply needed are the two barriers, Bhimjibhai feels, stopping him from opening his own printing enterprise.