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Ganchi Taushif Ahmed

Interview Summary

Taushif works with Jabbar Khatri as a dyer. He was once interested in studying, but due to ill-health he could not continue. Having joined the bandhani-making workshop seven to eight months ago, he is currently being trained by Jabbar and other colleagues. As an apprentice, he is engaged in a variety of different roles, including washing, dyeing and drying. The skills needed for the craft are difficult to perfect. Taushif is not yet able to perfect the art of colouring and although he can dye dark colours such as brown and black, he finds combining colours and different shades extremely challenging.

Craft runs in his family. Taushif’s father was a block-printer for around twenty-five years. He is not aware of his grandfather’s background. His mother ties bandhani pieces whenever she is free from household work. Taushif, to a limited extent, can also tie bandhani. His brother, Farook, is also a dyer and has worked with Bashir Khatri (who sells dress material) for four to five years.

Taushif works from 10 or 10.30 each morning to around 7.30 or 8.00 in the evening, with an hour-long lunch break between 2.00 to 3.00. Taushif is paid for his work monthly. He is content with working under workshop owner Jabbar, and is impressed with his style of teaching. According to Taushif, his boss is easy going. He does not scold him for mistakes, but instead corrects them by demonstrating how to achieve the desired result. Although young and just beginning to learning the bandhani dyeing work, like many others Taushif aspires to set up his own business.