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Kasimbhai Khatri

Interview Summary

Kasimbhai belongs to the third generation of bandhani suppliers in his family, who moved from Khedayi to Anjar and finally to Bhuj. He deals in cotton dresses, dupata, sarees, and running material which is in fashion. In following the business he has not taken any formal training but has gained his knowledge from his elders. His three sons also follow this family business.

He has 6 or 7 daily labourers who work with the chemical dyes; Kasimbhai feels this hasn’t caused them any health problems. His supply chain extends to the markets of Ahmedabad and Jaipur. As for the future development of his business, he is looking forward to expansion. He is financially well off, and tourism has increased his business. He has shown little interest in winning state and national awards however, and is satisfied with what he is doing.