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Crossroads of Asia: Travel Narratives to Siam from European, Persian and Chinese Sources

Wednesday 27 April 2016
12.30-6 pm, Ramphal Building R0.14


12.30-1.15 Lunch

1.15-1.30 Introduction by Stefan Halikowski Smith, Swansea University, and Giorgio Riello, University of Warwick

1.30-2.20 Mathieu Torck, Ghent University, Ayutthaya in Chinese sources from Ming and Qing dynasties

2.20-3.10 Alexandra Green, The British Museum, Historical Continuity and Material Engagement: Collecting Thai Objects at the British Museum in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries

3.10-3.40 Coffee Break

3.40-4.30 Alan Strathern, University of Oxford, Why was Narai not another Constantine? Religion and Political authority in Siam

4.30-5.20 Stefan Halikowski Smith, Swansea University, Between Illusions and Reality: Two late Seventeenth-Century Unpublished Missionary Accounts from Southeast Asia

5.20-5.30 Conclusion