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Gems in Transit Programme, Monday May 18th

Millburn House, University of Warwick

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Tea and coffee
10:50-11:10am Maxine Berg and Michael Bycroft, University of Warwick
11:10-11:50am Marjolijn Bol, University of Amsterdam
11:50-12:30pm Lisa Skogh, Victoria and Albert Museum
1:50-2:30pm Karin Hofmeester, International Institute of Social History (Amsterdam)
2:30-3:10pm Marcia Pointon, University of Manchester
3:10-3:50pm Tijl Vanneste, University of Paris 1: Panthéon-Sorbonne
Afternoon tea
4:10-4:50pm Kim Siebenhüner, University of Berne
4:50-5:30pm Marlise Rijks, University of Ghent
5:30-6:10pm Marieke Hendriksen, University of Groningen
Images, from top: diagram of double refraction in Iceland spar, from Christian Huygens, Traité de la lumière (1690); square emerald, with a border of brilliant-cut diamonds, set in gold, Europe c. 1850 © Victoria and Albert Museum, London; crystal structure diagram from René-Just Haüy, Traité de la cristallographie (Paris, 1822); raw emerald; silver-gilt earrings with emerald-coloured paste, Spain 1865-1870 © Victoria and Albert Museum, London.
 Square emerald with diamonds and gold
 Hauy crystal diagram
 Raw emerald