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Global Arts Network - Members

At Warwick, historians of science, technology, the economy and culture are examining how webs of specialist artists, artisans and entrepreneurs/merchants fostered the invention of products, materials and processes.

The major Ashmolean gallery re-development plan is centred on the themes of ‘Crossing Cultures-Crossing Time’ focussing on the intermingling of cultural influences through trade, voyages of discovery and the transfer of technology and ideas.

At the Victoria and Albert Museum the re-display of the Fashion and Textiles Gallery and the Ceramics Gallery focuses on the creative inter-relationships between East and West. The V&A’s 2003 ‘Encounters’ Exhibition also explored this theme.  

The Members of the Network are:


Dr. Vicky Avery (Art History) – Renaissance Venice – collecting luxury goods - bronzes

Professor Maxine Berg (History) - History of technology - global luxury trade

Professor Stephen Broadberry (Economics) – Global history and divergence 17th-18thC.

Dr. Donal Cooper (Art History) – Renaissance Italy – cultural interchange and religious objects

Professor Margot Finn (History) - 18th- and 19th-century India - colonial collecting and display

Dr. Anne Gerritsen (History) – Yuan-Ming China – Jingdezhen and porcelain for the wider world

Dr. Bishnupriya Gupta (Economics) – Global history and the Indian cotton industry

Professor Colin Jones (currently at Queen Mary College) - France - luxury goods - 18th c. history of  science

Dr Luca Mola  (History) - Renaissance Venice - silk - patents - state manufactures of luxury goods

Dr. Giorgio Riello (History) – Global textiles - early modern French and English material culture - fashion

Dr. Claudia Stein (History) – Objects of science and the 17thC. German courts - history of science



Dr.  Professor James Allan (Director of Ashmolean Inter-Faith Exhibition Service) -  Islamic art

Dr. Ruth Barnes (Oriental Institute & Eastern Art) - East-West gallery development officer - Indian textiles & Indian Ocean trade

Dr. Henry Kim (Assistant Keeper, Heberden Coin Room) - Redevelopment  Project

Dr. Nicholas Mayhew (Deputy Director and Keeper of the Heberden Coin Room)

Dr. Jessica Rawson (Warden of Merton College, Oxford) - Jade

Ms. Shelagh Vainker (Assistant Keeper, Eastern Art) - Chinese ceramics and silk

Dr. Oliver Watson (Keeper of Eastern Art) - Islamic art and ceramics



Dr. Glenn Adamson (Head of Graduate Studies, Research Department) - ceramics & furniture

Dr. Marta Ajmar (Renaissance Course Tutor, Research Department) - Renaissance material culture – Italy and the Middle East

Dr. Rosemary Crill  (Senior Curator South and South-East Asian Department) - Asian textiles

Dr. Eiluned Edwards (V&A/LCF fellow in Contemporary fashion) - Textiles, craft communities, world markets and the Gujarat

Dr  Amin Jaffer (Asian Department) - Indian furniture

Dr Reino Liefkes (Curator Sculpture, Metalwork, Ceramics & Glass) - glass

Dr Lesley Miller (Senior Curator Furniture, Textiles and Fashion) - silk