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Global Arts : The Natural World and Global Culture, 17 October 2008

Friday 17th October at the Museum of the History of Science,

Broad Street, Oxford

(N.B. places will be strictly limited to 30) For directions see: 

12.00  Lunch at New College, Red Room - enter via Holywell Street Porters’ Lodge (leave New at 1.00-1.15 for Museum)

1.30 Welcome Maxine Berg, University of Warwick & Jim Bennett, Director, Museum of the History of Science, Oxford


Chaired by Anne Gerritsen, University of Warwick

1.45 - 2.15   Utensils for daily life in China 950-1350

Rose Kerr, Keeper Emeritus of the Far Eastern Dept at the V&A, Honorary Associate of the Needham Research Institute, Honorary Fellow of University of Glasgow, Chairman of the Great Britain-China Education Trust‘

Reading: Jacques Gernet, Daily Life in China on the Eve of the Mongol Invasion 1250-1276, London, 1962.  

2.15 - 3.00   Appropriating crafts, claiming knowledge: Objects and Owners in Premodern China (Ming/Qing)

Dagmar Schäfer, Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin

Reading: Dagmar Schäfer, ‘Proprietary Issues in 17th century China: technology, culture and beyond’ draft book project,(Word Document) [please do not cite] 

3.00 - 3.30  Heaven on Earth: exhibiting east and west within the history of science

Stephen Johnston, Museum of the History of Science, Oxford


Chaired by Rebecca Earle, University of Warwick

3.30 -4.00  The Brother Gardeners. Botany, Empire and the Birth of an Obsession

Andrea Wulf, will talk on her recent publication, 

4.00- 4.30  The lightness of balloons: knowledges on airs and gases in the heart of fashion at the end of 18th century

Marie Thebaud-Sorger, Marie Curie Fellow, Warwick

Reading:Richard Gillespie, Ballooning in France and Britain, 1783-1786: Aerostation and Adventurism’, Isis, June 1984, Vol. 75, No. 2


Chaired by Sarah Easterby-Smith, University of Warwick


4.30 - 4.45 The global transport of scientific hardware

Nicky Reeves, History & Philosophy of Science, Cambridge , 

4.45 - 5.00  Bioprospecting and agricultural transplantation in relation to the movement of people

Anna Winterbottom, CELL Arts Research Centre, Dept. of English, Queen Mary College, London & Royal Society of Arts 

Reading: Anna Winterbottom, 'Producing and using the Historical Relation of Ceylon: Robert Knox, the East India Company and the Royal Society' [Please contact for details of article retrieval.]

5.00 - 5.15  The Place of Nature: the museum and the natural worldin colonial Zanzibar

Sarah Longair, University of Warwick & British Museum

Reading (all available electronically):

Carla Yanni,'Divine Display or Secular Science: Defining Nature at the Natural History Museum in London', The Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians, Vol. 55, No. 3 (Sep., 1996), pp. 276-299

Sophie Forgan,  ‘Building the Museum: Knowledge, Conflict, and the Power of Place’, Isis,96 (2005), pp 572 – 585

Mary Roberts and Jocelyn Hackforth-Jones ‘Visualising Culture across the Edges of Empires’, Edges of Empire: Orientalism and Visual Culture (Malden MA, 2005), pp 1 - 19

5.15- 5.45  Summing up & ways forward

NEXT and LAST GLOBAL ARTS MEETING at Victoria & Albert Museum, 6 February, 2009, to be organised by Glenn Adamson