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Teaching Global History

The purpose of this project is to enhance an existing link between the School of Philosophical, Historical and International Studies at Monash and both Warwick’s History Department and the Global History and Culture Centre. It builds on a highly successful ongoing collaboration over research and postgraduate training, but shifts the focus to the vital area of undergraduate education.

The two institutions propose to create a new global history unit that will be developed jointly by staff at Monash and Warwick and subsequently taught collaboratively at the two institutions.

It is anticipated that this unit will be introduced at Monash and Warwick from 2014 and at Warwick in 2015. The new unit will draw on the joint expertise of two prominent History departments and will provide a vehicle to develop, test and refine innovative teaching methodologies that transcend conventional academic boundaries.

A two-day workshop will be held at Warwick on the 10-11 December 2012. The programme includes:

Session 1: Teaching World History

It will focus on the challenges involved in teaching global history effectively at undergraduate level and will be open to a wider group of participants

Session 2: Developing a new units

The second session, which will be restricted to Monash and Warwick participants, will focus on the development of a new unit. Drafts and potential syllabi will have been pre-circulated and will be used as a basis for discussion. For a least of propose Monash-Warwick Teaching Units see here.

Session 3: Joint teaching

The third session will focus on the issue of joint teaching and will explore concrete ways to facilitate this. It will consider how to overcome the challenges of different time zones and academic calendars to produce an integrated teaching strategy for both Monash and Warwick.

Session 4: Developing a companion website

The fourth session will discuss and begin development of a companion website. Past platforms and existing websites will be used as a basis for discussion.

Session 5: Publications

The final session will discuss future joint publications.