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About the Centre


The European History Research Centre (EHRC) was established in 2014 by the Warwick University History Department under the directorship of Professor Mark Philp.

The EHRC supports, coordinates, facilitates and publicises the research and policy-related activities of colleagues working in the field of European History, by promoting the development of research funding applications, by assisting in the creation of groups and networks. The centre provides a forum for the critical scrutiny of research papers and to encourage their development and publication in top-rank journals.

The EHRC has currently three major research strands:

  1. Memory studies: the memory groupLink opens in a new window brings scholars from different disciplines together
  2. Political history of 19th century Europe: Political protest after the Congress of Vienna is the focus of Mark Philp’s ongoing BarricadesLink opens in a new window project
  3. The First World War and its aftermath

Two major comparative and transnational projects are connected to this field.

The EHRC also facilitates opportunities for visiting scholars and provides an institutional platform to organise and promote workshops, conferences, seminars, lectures and impact-related activities.