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Previous Research



The interdisciplinary Corruption Network brings together colleagues from across the university who share an interest in corruption, irrespective of time and place. Our members include researchers from history, political science, law, and economics.


The EHRC, in collaboration with the Warwick Law School and PAIS, held four reading groups/master-classes on aspects of the work of Charles-Louis Secondat, Baron de Montesquieu (1689-1755), exploring some of the central themes in Montesquieu's political, legal and economic philosophy.

Rights and Duties

Dr Claudia Stein and Dr Charles Walton

The EHRC has supported a series of meetings developing discussions of the discourses of rights and duties with respect to economic and social rights and rights to health and educational provision from the 18th to the 21st centuries.

The past in the present: Ukraine

This project aims to bring scholars from different disciplines together working on history policy in Ukraine and the role of historical arguments in current political debates.

Youth and Brexit

The EHRC, with members of the Department of Sociology, PAIS, the Schools of Law and of Modern Languages, and the Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies, developed a project to bring together students within the University to reflect upon the result of the referendum on European membership and the Brexit process, and to consider the involvement of young people in subsequent events.

Prisoners of War

Treatment of military prisoners in the eighteenth century varied according to the moral standards of the time, religion, social group and honour, both of the prisoner and of the captor.

The Early Modern/Modern divide in Political History

This workshop aims to challenge the early-modern and modern divide in political History, by providing panels on parliaments and political deliberations, on the confrontation with modernity in state and economic change, on war and security and on the language of politics in state and nation building.

Religion and Violence in France

The relationship between religion and violence has long-dominated the historiography of the 16th-century religious wars in France. More recently, it has become a focus for scholars of the French Revolution which itself looked back to the religious wars as an instructive period in various ways. It is also a relationship which is tragically topical for France today. This workshop will bring together historians working in both fields for a comparative look at the role of religion and violence in these conflicts.

Poverty and Inequality

A series of workshops for MA and PhD students in history, exploring different disciplinary approaches to poverty and inequality.

A history of violence

Dr Jonathan Davies and Professor Christopher Read

A collaborative project amongst EHRC members looking at theoretical literature and its application to historical cases, including work on the Holocaust, the French and Russian Revolutions, and domestic and inter-personal violence. Projects include work on the Holocaust and on the victims of violence.

Ending the century

A project on 1490, 1590, 1690, 1790 and 1890 - a trans-European, comparative, examination of decades of turbulence, and an exercise in the examination of the nature of the 'early-modern' period and its characteristics

Radicalism and Socialism in the 20th century

Joachim C. Häberlen and Kate Mahoney

A group of projects on political movements in Europe in the pre- and post-war periods, analysing their internal dynamics and their processes of contestation.

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4 seminars for PGR/PGT – Monday lunchtimes – Term 1, 2015-16