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Current Research

Central Europe

Re-imagining Democracy

Sister project to Barricades

Professor Mark Philp

Re-imagining Democracy is a 4-part collaborative research project exploring how older understandings of democracy were re-imagined and reworked intellectually, practically and institutionally in the movements for and against reform across Europe and the Americas (1750 -1870). The final part on Central and Northern Europe will run from 2022-2026.

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Barricades Project


Sister project to Re-Imagining Democracy

Professor Mark Philp

This is a collaborative research project on contesting power across Europe 1815-1850.

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Imperial Afterlives

Imperial Afterlives

Dr Anna Ross

The First World War witnessed the dramatic collapse of the German, Russian, Austro-Hungarian, and Ottoman Empires, ushering in a new international order that was formalised in the Treaty of Versailles and its associated agreements up to 1923. This AHRC research project examines this period of transition from several angles.

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Memory Group

History of Sexuality and Queer History

Dr Anna Hájková

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The Memory Group

The Memory Group is an interdisciplinary group of graduate students and faculty with research interests in memory, memorialisation, and related issues of trauma and nostalgia.

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Urban reconstruction, 1914-1939

Dr Pierre Purseigle

Rebuilding European Lives. The reconstitution of urban communities in inter-war Europe (1914-1939).

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War Remembrance Europe

War Remembrance in Europe

Professor Christoph Mick

‘The Army of the Unknown Soldiers: War remembrance in inter-war Europe’. This project is dedicated to the transnational history of war remembrance in Europe.

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Constructions of Public Office

This is an AHRC-funded project that focuses on understandings of public office and its responsibilities

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Napoleon's 100 days

Napoleon's 100 Days

The Last Stand: Napoleon's 100 Days' is the result of a collaboration between Professor Mark Philp, the European History Research Centre, and a team working on an AHRC-funded project on French Theatre of the Napoleonic Era 

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Sociability and Networks

Professor Mark Philp

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