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Academic Staff

Claire Shaw

Dr Claire Shaw

Centre Co-Director

Specialisms: Modern Russian history, disability history, identity, marginality, history of technology  

Anna Ross

Dr Anna Ross

Centre Co-Director

Specialisms: Modern European history, political history, state-building, empire, and sovereignty, with specific reference to Germany and Spain

Christoph Mick

Professor Christoph Mick

Former Centre Director (2018-21)

Specialisms: Modern German and Eastern European history, especially Poland, Russia, Ukraine; history of science and technology, memorial culture and nation building.

Mark Philp

Professor Mark Philp

Former Centre Director (2014-2018)

Specialisms: Political theory and political sociology; political corruption and issues relating to standards in public life; history of political thought and British history at the time of the French Revolution.

Jonathan Davies

Dr Jonathan Davies

Specialisms: Early modern European history, especially violence; the Italian states between 1350 and 1600, especially Tuscany

Anna Hajkova

Dr Anna Hájková

Specialisms: The history of the Holocaust, Nazi Germany, and modern Central and Eastern Europe; the history of genocide; the history of gender; nationalities; history of everyday life in general

Luca Mola

Dr Luca Molà

Specialisms: Early modern Italy; the silk industry; patenting innovation

Pierre Purseigle

Dr Pierre Purseigle

Specialisms: The comparative history of the First World War and especially on the experience of the French, British, and – to a lesser extent – Belgian populations, wartime mobilization, the experience of refugees, and pictorial humour

Colin Storer

Dr Colin Storer

Specialisms: Anglo-German relations in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries; the Weimar Republic; European Cultural History in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries (especially popular/genre fiction, modernism, and media history)