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PhD Students


Chen, Qing

Chen Qing

PhD Title: The British Empire‚Äôs Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, 1915–1941

Supervisors: Dr Song-Chuan Chen and Dr James Poskett


Das, Nilakshi

Nilakshi Das

PhD Title: Commonwealth Students, UK Higher Education, and the Making of Global Knowledge Networks, 1950–2000

Supervisors: Dr James Poskett and Dr Sally Horrocks


Sharples, Catriona

Catriona Sharples

PhD Title: Colonial science and military service: The West India Regiments and circum-Atlantic networks of knowledge, c.1815-c.1900

Supervisors: Professor David Lambert and Dr James Poskett


Zotov, Sergei
Zotov portrait

Sergei Zotov

Research Expertise: Mediaeval and early modern alchemy; scientific iconography; history of science; history of chemistry

PhD Title: Alchemical iconography as a mediator of knowledge in European manuscripts of the 15th and 16th centuries

Supervisors: Professor Ingrid De Smet and Dr Michael Bycroft