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Academic Staff

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Berg, Maxine

 Maxine Berg

Professor Maxine Berg

Research Expertise: Global trade and material culture in the early modern world; economic and social history in 18th and early 19th century Britain and Europe; intellectual history.

Bivins, Roberta
Bycroft, Michael

 Michael Bycroft

Dr Michael Bycroft

Research Expertise: Early modern science, technology and medicine; materials and their use in the sciences; methodology of the history of science; science and state-formation in early modern France.



De Smet, Ingrid

 De Smet

Professor Ingrid De Smet

Research expertise: the intellectual culture of sixteenth and early seventeenth-century France, the Low Countries and Italy, including print culture and the history of the book, and the history of hunting (falconry; bird trapping; fishing). Current book project on Locks, Keys and Seals, or The Instruments of Secrecy: from Object to Metaphor.



Lines, David

David Lines

Professor David Lines

Research Expertise: Late medieval and Renaissance philosophy and intellectual history; natural and moral philosophy in early modern Italy; Aristotelianism; institutions of learning (especially universities and academies); history of libraries and of the book.



Mann, Sophie

 Sophie Mann

Dr Sophie Mann

Research Expertise: Medicine, science and religion in early modern England; the history of the body; the history of anatomy.

Marland, Hilary
Molà, Luca


Poskett, James


Shafiee, Katayoun

 Katayoun Shafiee

Dr Katayoun Shafiee

Research Expertise: History of the Islamic World; Politics of Oil in the Middle East, specifically Iran; Infrastructures; Science and Technology Studies

Shaw, Claire

 Claire Shaw

Dr Claire Shaw

Research Expertise: History of disability and the body in socialist societies; the history of prosthetics, assistive technologies, bionics and the cyborg.

Simpson, Thomas

Tom Simpson

Dr Thomas Simpson

Research Expertise: Environmental history, history of science, and imperial and colonial history

Smith, Elise
Stein, Claudia
C Stein

Dr Claudia Stein

Research Expertise: Medicine and science in early modern Germany (1500-1800); enlightenment science and medicine, strategies of biopower (1800-today); visual culture and medicine (1500-today); the history of epistemology.