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The following modules are hosted in the History Department but may be available as an outside option depending on the course of study:

First Year

Mind, Body, and Society (HI176)

Second Year

Being Human: Human Nature from the Renaissance to Freud (HI281)

Race and Science: Histories and Legacies (HI2H5)

Science in the Early Modern World (HI2F6)

Final Year

Science, Technology, and Global Politics, 1900 to Present (HI3S6)

Medicine, Empire, and the Body, c.1750-1914 (HI34I)

Madness and Society (HI383)

Socialist Bodies: Dreams and Realities of the Physical in Soviet Russia (HI3J7)

Empire and Oil: BP and the Building of the Global Oil Industry in Iran (HI3J1)


Themes in the History of Science, Technology, Environment and Society (HI999)

Matters of Life and Death: Topics in the Medical Humanities (HI991)

Themes and Methods in Medical History (HI907)


Staff associated with the History of Science and Technology Hub are able to supervise a wide variety of PhD topics. Please get in contact with individual staff members to discuss proposals.

External Modules

Members of the History of Science and Technology Hub also teach courses outside the History Department, including:

Habitability in the Universe (IL907)

Genetics and Society (IL023)