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Johannes Roessler

I work on issues at the intersection between the philosophy of mind and action, epistemology, and moral psychology. I am particularly interested in the nature of practical reasons and reason-giving explanations of actions; the nature and significance of self-awareness (including pathologies of self-awareness); and perceptual knowledge (including the epistemic role of perceptual consciousness, the way in which perceptual explanations of knowledge can vindicate claims to knowledge, and the relation between explanations of perceptual knowledge and explanations of our responsibility for beliefs). More recently, I have started working on Montaigne, esp. Montaign'e version of virtue ethics. I also have long-standing interest in Kant (and the nature of transcendental arguments) and in the history of scepticism.

I came to Warwick as a research fellow in the AHRC interdisciplinary project on Consciousness and Self-Consciousness. I was subsequently co-director of the Warwick-based interdisciplinary project on Causal Understanding, and an associated partner of NormCon (Understanding the Normative Dimensions of Human Conduct: Conceptual and Developmental Issues). I'm a member of Second Person project at Warwick, and I'm co-directing two projects: one (with Glenda Satne, Santiago) on 'Joint Practical Knowledge: Shared Agency and Knowledge of Other Minds', and one (with Gianfranco Soldati, Fribourg) on Perception, Rationality and Self-Knowledge.
I'm secretary of the European Society for Philosophy and Psychology, and an Associate Editor of Philosophical Explorations.

PhD supervision

I'm happy to take on PhD students working on issues in the philosophy of mind and action, philosophy of psychology, and epistemology. I have supervised PhD theses on the following topics:

The role of desires in practical reasoning
Knowing one’s own actions
Responsibility for belief
The role of experience in monothematic delusions
The perception of affordances
Explaining delusions
Attention and perceptual consciousness

Edited Volumes

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J. Roessler, N. Eilan and H. Lerman (eds.), Perception, Causation, and Objectivity: Issues in Philosophy and Psychology. Oxford: OUP. 2011.

Articles and Reviews
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